October 29, 2019
Rush Visa

Is It Possible To Apply For E-visa At The Weekend Urgently? 

I need an E-visa to Vietnam urgently. Can I expedite E-visa application at the weekend?

E-visa is probable a common kind of visa which has a very easy and convenient application process. Therefore, many visitors choose it to apply with tourism or business purpose. However, it is “impossible” to be accepted at the weekend urgently.

What is the reason? 

  • E-visa needs to be approved by Vietnamese Government. However, they don’t have working time at the weekend, so there will be no way to get it at this time.
  • Also, the express service of agencies can’t help you to get E-visa. No matter how much money you can pay, E-visa will be approved by the next Monday and Tuesday.

Which is the best way to get Vietnam visa at the weekend?

The only way you can consider to choose is applying for “Visa On Arrival”. At the weekend, the agencies can help you to get “the approval letter” with the express service within only 4 hours. You will get it by 12:30 PM or 7 PM at the same day.

The approval letter is used for boarding the airplane as well as getting the visa stamp on arrival. After arrival, you can get the visa stamp at the “Visa On Arrival counter” which has working time in 24/7, no matter it is in the weekend or holidays.
In order to be guided obviously about how to apply for it, let’s visit the website https://www.vietnam-evisa.com/apply/ to see more useful information.


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