October 29, 2019
Rush Visa

I Need To Apply For Vietnam Visa At The Weekend. Is It Possible? And How Much Does It Cost For The Express Service?

In some rush cases, many visitors also need to ask for getting Vietnam visa at the weekend with the express service. Actually, it is totally possible to get Vietnam visa on Saturday and Sunday. However, there are some important information that you should take note and consider while applying for it: 

Which type of visa is accepted to apply at the weekend? 


Type of visa Working time
  • E-visa will be accepted by Vietnamese Government However, they are close at the weekend, so It is impossible to apply Evisa at the weekend, no matter you want to require the express service or not.
Visa On Arrival
  • The only kind of visa you can apply is “Visa On Arrival”. At the weekend, you can still apply for it to get “the approval letter” with the express service.
  • After arrival, you can also submit every required document at the “Visa On Arrival counter” which is still in working time at the weekend in Vietnam airports.


The express service of Visa On Arrival at the weekend


Working time The extra fee Note 
1 hour X At the weekend, the express service is not applicable for 1 hour and 2 hours. The fastest way is 4 hours.
2 hours X
4 hours 170 USD If you apply for Visa On Arrival at the weekend, “the approval letter” will be sent to you by 12:30 PM at the same day
8 hours 120 USD If you apply for Visa On Arrival at the weekend, “the approval letter” will be sent to you by 7 PM at the same day


Depending on the type of visa you choose: the length of stay, the purpose of trip, the number of entry, etc. the total amount would be different. It includes the visa stamp fee on arrival, the visa application fee and the extra fee of the express service.

To check the fee, as well as apply visa urgently, please click on this link:




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