April 13, 2018
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5 fascinating places in Hue that you cannot resist

During the trip to Hue, if you have no idea where to go except the famous places such as the imperial of Hue, the mausoleums of the Nguyen dynasty, or Thien Mu Pagoda, the Huong river, then this is just the article for you! Get your backpack and start exploring now! This trip will be interesting and leave you unforgettable memories!


1. Hai Duong beach


This is a beautiful beach, which is located in Huong Tra of Hue city. When coming to Hai Duong beach, visitors will enjoy many new and unique experience here. You do not only be able to swim or lie down on the fine sand, watch the sunrise or sunset but can also stroll barefoot on the waves of green moss, wave fishing, catch crabs and even pick up snails!



Hai Duong beach promises to be the ideal picnic spot for people on the weekend and tourists when coming to Hue. Therefore, if you are too familiar with the famous tourist destinations in Hue, then do not forget to try to explore this interesting beach!


2. Ru Cha natural primeval forest


Ru Cha is the primeval mangrove forest of the Tam Giang lagoon, it is 15km from the center of Hue city, and one of the most interesting rendezvous destination near the capital. Ru Cha primeval forest still preserves primordial and mysterious beauty over time, it is like a “green lung” between the immense wave of water.



The best time to visit Ru Cha is summer days, what is more, wonderful when “hiding” in the cool space with the green leaves surrounded? In the forest, tourists can wander on the road with full of green shade, riding the boat around the forest, enjoy the poetic, simple and rustic scene.


3. Chuon lagoon


Chuon lagoon (also known as Cau Hai lagoon) is a part of Tam Giang lagoon, located in Phu Vang district and only 12 km away from the center of Hue city. Chuon lagoon possesses an attractive and fascinating beauty, as a masterpiece drawn from the hands of talented artists.



Chuon lagoon is beautiful in every moment and its beauty that changed through each moment. The dawn in this beautiful lagoon with brilliant red sun and glittering sunshine, and the afternoon is shimmer and charming by the purple color. Perhaps any moment can easily make you anxious and difficult to describe. Chuon lagoon is not only a source of inspiration for creativity but also a place where you can seek for the art photos, as well as a rendezvous for enjoying delicious specialties and discovering a peaceful life!


4. Bach Ma national park


Bach Ma national park is part of the Northern Truong Son mountain range and is only 40 km from the center of Hue city. Bach Ma park is the home to an exotic natural beauty and a rich and diverse conservation area, including over 1700 animal species and more than 2,300 species of plants.



Come to this national park, you will discover the beauty of nature, immersed in the poetic and dignified scenery of Bach Ma mountain, enjoy the fresh, cool and harmonious air with pristine nature. Bach Ma national park is a temporary shelter for you, far from the madding crowd. You will find the peace in nature, and the fresh in your soul.


5. Canh Duong beach camp


Canh Duong beach camp is located in Loc Vinh, Phu Loc and is only 50 km from Hue city. Come to Canh Duong beach camp, you will be delighted in the blue sea, wandering barefoot on the white sand beach, participate in activities, exciting sports games with friends and experience interesting new things. This place promises to be a great destination for you to relax comfortably and enjoy the peaceful moments, as well as keeping memorable memories.



If you want to explore the new Hue, Canh Duong beach camp is one of the places you should not miss! Come to this brand new beach campsite for a “check-in” and “virtual live” experience!

With these recommended locations, we hope that you will find new exciting attractions for your trip to the amazing Hue city.


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