April 15, 2018
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Travel experiences in Quang Binh

These are some question about Quang Binh. Why should Quang Binh be chosen? What to do in Quang Binh? These are answers.


1. When is the best time to visit Quang Binh?


Quang Binh Tourism is also affected by severe weather. Delimited into two distinct seasons. Rainy season and hot season.

So if you come to Quang Binh you should go in March to September. That is the most stable weather to be suitable for sightseeing here. From September to March next year Quang Binh welcome the heavy rainstorms so very inconvenient


2. How to get to Quang Binh?


Traveling by rail is the favorite choice and most used by the safety, convenience, reasonable fare, train hours, but the difference is usually late, but also in the acceptable level If you go to Dong Hoi this way, check the train times in the following table.



From Hanoi about 522km on the train for more than 10 hours to Dong Hoi, the price of the bed is about 505,000 ₫ – 700,000 on the floor 1-3 and soft ticket price about 309,000 ₫, If you from Thanh Hoa and Vinh also want to use these ships.

From Hue with about 160km and 3h clock or From Da Nang with a distance of about 270km and 6 hours time, you are present in Dong Hoi.


3. What to do in Quang Binh?


Here is a summary of the journey to Quang Binh when you can refer to:

– Attractions outside the city: Hoang Phuc Pagoda (Le Thuy District), General Memorial House (Le Thuy District), Than Dinh Mountain, Da Nhay Beach, General Vo Nguyen Giap. Currently, Quang Binh has a village of Duong Bien painting, at the wire, you can check-in or participate in the homestay experience here.



– In the center of Dong Hoi city: Quang Binh Quan, Mother Suot Monument, ruins of Tam Toa Church, Luy Thay, Nhat Le beach, Quang Phu sand dunes.

– At Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Thien Duong cave, Tien Son cave, Thuy Cung cave – Zipline Chay river – Dark cave, Moo waterfall, Eight cave, Hang En, Hoa Son Cave.


4. Ticket price for visiting Quang Binh Tourism


Self-travel should know some information about the fare points in Quang Binh

Sightseeing: Ticket price per person

Phong Nha cave: 150,000 VND

Tien Son Cave: 80,000 VND

Thien Duong Paradise: 250,000 VND

Zipline Song Chay Hang Dark: 450,000 VND

Moo Waterfall: 80,000 VND

Nuoc Moi full of services: 180,000 VND


Price policy for children


Segment height Ticket price applies

Under 1.1m free

From 1.1m – 1.3m 50% of ticket price

Over 1.3m Adult Price


There are also service fees included


– Thien Duong cave: tram fee (distance 1.7 km) 4-seat to a 14-seat car: varies from 100,000 VND to 350,000 VND.

– Sightseeing boat: 360k / boat carrying up to 12 people.

– If combined visit 2 Phong Nha and Tien Son: 400,000 VND / boat, carrying up to 12 people.

– Nuoc Nuoc Waterfall: Kayka boat and games fee 100,000 VND.



5. What to eat in Quang Binh?


Banh Loc, Banh Man


Banh loc is a dish you should not miss when coming to this land. Price is also very low. Banh loc 2000 VND / piece, Banh Man 3000 / piece.



The address that you want to are:


Me Xuan Restaurant: Le Thanh Dong Street, Dong Hoi – 0913 011 013

Aunt Thuy Restaurant: 11 Thanh Nien, Dong Hoi – 01628 606 683

Hoai Huong Restaurant: Le Thanh Dong Street, Dong Hoi – 01683 618 818

Aunt Thai Restaurant: 13 Dong Hai, Dong Hoi – 0169 340 6354


Ca Khoai hot pot


Ca Khoai hot pot is top of the best food in Quang Binh is popular. Often people eat Ca Khoai hot pot in the winter and early spring, the restaurant almost only for Ca Khoai hot pot into the menu in these two seasons by the Ca Khoai only developed during this time is mainly. Ca Khoai is a kind of fish with a sweet taste that is hard to eat without being bored, a fish is not big fish such as carp or fish so each person can eat a few meals a meal.



The address that you want to are:


Binh An hotpot: Alley 49 Ba Trieu, Dong Hoi – (052) 3846 777

Minh Ha Restaurant: Truong Phap Street, Dong Hoi – 0976 580 620

Anh Dao Restaurant: 27 Phan Boi Chau, Dong Hoi – 0905 827 568

Tan Quy Dao Restaurant: District 10, Dong Phu, Dong Hoi – 0912 150 693


Banh Canh Porridge


It is called porridge soup but looks like a bowl of noodles that we still eat every day. This is a familiar breakfast in Quang Binh is popular with many local people.

This famous dish of Quang Binh is mostly served in the morning, here are some places to eat cheaply:

Gia Bao Restaurant: 74 Huu Nghi Street, Dong Hoi – 0919 666 806

Su Hong Restaurant: 38 Nguyen Trai, Hai Dinh Ward, Dong Hoi – 0905 906 047

O Hanh Restaurant: 04 Le Thanh Dong, Dong Hoi – 0977 714 990

Mrs. Hong Restaurant: 51 Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Dong Hoi – (052) 3825 438

Those are all reasons why you shout visit to Quang Binh. And all you need to do is apply Visa to enter Viet Nam.


Here is the best tip for all visitor: E-visa


The fees start from 40$ and only apply for a successful application. The length of stay is only 1 month so if you want to stay longer, you have to make visa on arrival. The type of entry is only for single entry, so it suits for tourist or business purpose.

Please contact us for further information and support from us!


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