April 13, 2018
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One day food trip with 5 amazing street foods in Da Nang

Summer is coming. Don’t let your time pass by so boring, just take your luggage and come to Da Nang, Vietnam to enjoy these 5 must-try street foods here.  Da Nang, Vietnam is best known for long beautiful beaches with blue sea, white sand, sunshine and modern resorts. But you will be surprised by the amazing street food cuisine when you come to this place.

In this article, we want to show you 5 “must-try” street foods in Da Nang. Let the food trip begin!


1. Mam nem noodles (Bun mam nem)


There are so many delicious and attractive dishes in Da Nang, but we still want you to try “bun mam nem” first.



This dish will make your breakfast be perfect than ever. With the great combination of many flavors, such as: sour, sweet, spicy and salty, you will have an amazing dish with pork, noodles, vegetables and the special spice of Da Nang: “mam nem”. All of the flavors have been combined together and give us an unforgettable experience with the dish.


2. Quang noodles (Mi Quang)


Wandering along streets in Da Nang, you will see a lot of billboard with two words: Mi Quang. How does this dish taste? Why do people talk about it so much when staying in Da Nang? Let’s try it!



A bowl of noodles with a variety of ingredients combined to create such a great taste is too difficult to resist. You can enjoy this dish at Ba Mua Quang Noodles when you come to Da Nang.


3. Spring roll with pork (Banh trang thit heo)



Spring roll with pork, one of the most popular dishes in Da Nang, that any visitor would like to enjoy when visiting. To enjoy this dish, firstly, you spread the cake out, lay in a slice of Pho, a piece of pork, cucumber, green banana, bean sprouts, fresh vegetables, and rolls, then add it to the sauce (mam nem). Thanks to the fish sauce (mam nem) are very attractive and characteristic which makes this dish is so delicious and impressive.


4. Vietnamese sizzling rice pancake with pork and shrimp (Banh Xeo)


How many dishes have you tasted? Let’s continue our food trip with this cake. This dish is a combination of rice paper with pork, shrimp, bean sprouts, all rolled together and then fried crispy.



When eating cakes, you will need some raw vegetables and then dip them into the sauce. This taste will definitely make you be impressed. Once you eat the first piece, then you absolutely will want to eat the second one.


5. Sweet soup with durian (Che sau rieng)


Wandering along Hoang Dieu street, you certainly must-try the famous durian sweet soup. The sweetness and aroma of coconut milk blend with many different ingredients and combines with many fresh fruits like jackfruit, logan and fresh durian make this dish a very specific flavor.



This summer, if you visit Da Nang, just do not forget to try this durian sweet soup!


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Vietnam welcomes you!  


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