June 30, 2018
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Highly recommend: Best homestays in Hanoi you should stay

If you are too bored to stay at a hotel and looking for a new experience on your trip, a homestay is an option that you can not ignore. Let’s take a look at the best homestay outside Hanoi you should stay.


Tan Binh Trang homestay


Address: Giong temple , Soc Son


Price: 1,600,000 VND / night



Nearly Hanoi, Soc Son is the favorite destination of tourists. If you are tired of the bustle of the city, just carry your bag and let’s go. Only 40 minutes has passed a different world in Tan Binh Trang.


Tan Binh Trang is like a peaceful house in the middle of the mountains with fresh air, open design and large nature will be a reasonable choice if you go to the large group of 7-10 people. This place is favored as home because Tan Binh Trang gives customers a completely unique feeling like returning home after each trip.


In the middle of nature, Tan Binh Trang stands out for its gentle green color. The air is soothed and cool that it is cool all year around. That is why anyone who has ever come here doesn’t want to leave. How can we forget the place that gave us such peaceful moments?


Mely farm homestay


Address: Van Hoa, Ba Vi, Hanoi


Price: 1,000,000 VND / night / small container and 2,000,000 VND / night / large container



One more homestay address near Hanoi for you to save. Only about 50km from Hanoi, Mely Farm is loved not only by fresh air but also by its unique design. The rooms are made from colorful containers to make people feel a pleasant cozy. Many people refer to Mely Farm as a miniature farm, with four blooming blooms, pebbles, beautiful green gardens. Also, there is a team building area, hotel to enjoy BBQ clean food prepared by the staff homestay.


Anyone like to live virtual do not miss the opportunity to come here because any corner is where the ability to produce great images. For families with children, Mely Farm is even more attractive, because, in addition to these three famous ostriches, the homestay also feeds dairy cows, providing clean fresh milk for the entire area.


Jungle house homestay


Address: Tu Son, Bac Ninh


Room price: 2,800,000 VND on weekdays, 4,000,000 VND on the weekend



As the name implies, Jungle house makes people first step into the trapped in a small forest or the ancient castle of Romeo and Juliet. Homestay near Hanoi is built in a European style, with large living rooms, wood burning stove, vintage furniture.


Jungle house consists of 3 bedrooms with double beds suitable for groups of 8 to 14 people


Bring the direction of a castle, homestay Jungle house different from other homestays that you can rent a whole house for relaxation purposes. Not only is the heating system running along the rooms, but there is also a separate cooking area with a bowl of chopsticks and a gas stove. At the foot of the stairs is a small corner for reading, quiet and warm.


Especially BBQ outdoor area spoiled for you to gather food and drink with friends. In the evening, it is better to sit together at the table and enjoy.


Visit here, you can go fishing, go hiking in the mountains, visit pottery and make your own products.


Hidden Villa


Address: Soc Son, Hanoi


Room price: 4,000,000 VND / 2 days / night



Hidden Villa is located in the pine forests of Soc Son. The homestay is built according to simple criteria, with dark tone making the master paintings delicate. In addition, the windows and walls are made of glass, making the most of natural light sources. Lost in the Hidden Villa, I think as stepping into the house of the family vampire Edward.


If you go to large groups, want to enjoy barbecue outdoors, the staff will help you set up equipment, the material you have to prepare yourself at home. In the middle of the forest, the BBQ parties like this are the highlight of the homestay.


Pho-ri’s house


Address: Quang Minh town, Me Linh, Hanoi


Room price: 1,000,000 VND / night



As one of the beautiful homestay near Hanoi, Phori’s house is designed entirely from pine wood, giving a cozy rustic feel to guests staying. In particular, each house in Phorri’s house also has an outdoor swimming pool with spa complex beauty, relax for the lady. Do not hesitate to invite people to do a trip to Phori’s house.




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