June 30, 2018
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Vietnam travel: Homestay in Ho chi minh city that you will miss after staying

Homestay is also one of the unique features for those who are planning to travel in Saigon.


Take a look at cheap homestay in Saigon that you definitely can not ignore!


Best time to visit Ho Chi Minh city


In Ho Chi Minh city, the weather is almost hot all year round, although it is not as hot as the north or hot as the Central, the average temperature is 27 ° C and the peak sunshine temperature can reach over 40 ° C. There are two distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season begins from May to November, if you come here at this time, never forget to bring with you the umbrella or raincoat because the rain at this time always visits without warning. Dry season usually lasts from December to April.


Homestay Springfield Cottage


Located less than 20 minutes drive from Ho Chi Minh City, Springfield Cottage (A16 / 485 R8 Phong Phu Street, Hamlet 1, Phong Phu Commune, Binh Chanh District) attracts visitors with a separated space. Completely out of the rhythm of living in the middle of the city. Particularly, homestay also impresses visitors with the hut floating on the water.



When you come here, you can enjoy a poetic and romantic space of the same river. You can roam the streets covered with yellow leaves, watching wild fish swim or enjoy the lotus (In flower season). In addition, step on the rustic road will ensure that you will relax absolutely.


The bungalow here is cultivated a variety of flowers such as roses, mandarin, lotus, strawberry, pepper, lavender, mint


The homestay only has a total of 8 huts, built in a natural-friendly style so absolutely no use of air conditioners, hot water showers, televisions and even wifi, only fan and room lights. Therefore, although very close to the center, this place is almost isolated from the city life.


The price here is as follows: large hut from 1.43 million VND / person night or 1.68 million / 2 people / night. For small huts, 1.21 million VND / person / night and 1.46 million / 2 people / night.



The price includes: bedroom, 3 meals and other services at Springfield Cottage such as planting, picking vegetables, cooking, fishing, canoeing, painting, yoga, workshop.


Visit Springfield Cottage you will be served Vietnamese country dishes with raw materials from the garden. Therefore, you can rest assured about the cleanliness and quality of food here. In addition, you can relax at any time, anywhere or take part in other activities such as fishing, moon sailing, reading, drawing or simply lying in the hammock.


Address: A16 / 485 R8 Phong Phu Street, Hamlet 1, Phong Phu Commune, Binh Chanh District.


Phone number: 0123 999 9099


OTRO Homestay


Address: 16 Pham Viet Chanh, Binh Thanh Dist


Come to OTRO you will hear stories about Vietnam familiar in a very different way. Every experience here will be a new feeling of dear things that you have ever attached. With a style of old Saigon, OTRO Homestay has seduced guests with the rustic colors of terracotta, seagrass, grass flowers and bowls, rice bowls, bamboo mats, hat. It is interesting to see OTRO. For those who come here when they love the vintage style but still the distinctive of Sai Gon, OTRO is the best choice.



OTRO is divided into many rooms with different themes with different names to meet the diverse needs of the tenants: Chieu room (6 single beds), ROOM (1 double bed), Dat room (1 double bed), Mam room (1 double bed) and Det room (2 double beds) are all familiar topics with Vietnamese people. If you go to a group of 4 people, it only costs about 500,000 VND / person only.



In addition, when you come to OTRO, you can also see the open space with green roof top, suitable for a cup of coffee with your favorite book or warm tea with friends and watch the bustling Saigon from above. OTRO Homestay is one of the cheapest homestays in Saigon, but the quality of this place is excellent and gives you a very unique experience.


What is E-visa?


E-visa is a legal license issued by the National Authority of which foreigners applying for an E-visa wish to enter through the form of sending and printing files from personal e-mails. The issuance of E-visa is based on the fact that visitors have completed the procedures and payment of fees in accordance with the Internet.


Visitors who enter Vietnam for a period of not more than 30 days and who meet all the prescribed conditions may select the form of e-visibility through the online registration and processing system of the Import-Export Administration Agency scene or contact us to use the E-visa registered service for visitors.

During the process of applying for and applying for e-visas, we always support our clients in solving problems and consulting procedures for applying for E-visa in accordance with regulations. The application for E-visa applications is simple. If you have any questions regarding the visa application for visitors please contact our consulting office for advice and answers to inquiries and related information.


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