September 30, 2019

What Type Of Vietnam Visa Is Suitable For Australian Citizens To Travel To Vietnam In 2 Weeks?

Vietnam is one of the developed tourism countries which are quite close to Australia, so it is getting more popular to be a great destination for Australian citizens because of its convenient location. Therefore, the way to come to Vietnam is not only easy about taking a direct flight, but also so convenient to apply for Vietnam visa with tourism purpose. 

There are two types of online visa as below that you can consider to choose the most suitable one. Following your need as well as your purpose, we make this table to help you easily compare:


Visa On Arrival E-visa
Number of entry Single or Multiple entry Single entry
The length of stay 1 month to 3 months 1 month
Purpose Tourism or Business purpose Tourism or Business purpose
Fee 1 month with single entry: 6 USD for the application process + 25 USD for the visa stamp on arrival

1 month with multiple entry: 8 USD for the application process + 50 USD for the visa stamp on arrival

Tourism purpose: 40 USD


Following the above table, you can totally choose Visa On Arrival or E-visa. Both of it are via online of the website However, the way to apply for Visa On Arrival is a little more complicated than E-visa, because you will be needing to get the visa stamp on arrival. For E-visa, you just need to complete the online application form via online and get E-visa via email.

If you are planning to stay in Vietnam for 2 weeks to just travel around this country, E-visa would be a great choice. If you are going to visit another country and go back to Vietnam in these 2 weeks, Visa On Arrival with multiple entry would be a suitable choice.


Vietnam is one of the most attractive countries in Southeast Asia that Australian citizens also desire to visit because of its convenient location. Besides that, Vietnam is also a developed …