September 30, 2019
How to apply visa for Vietnam?

Which Kind Of Vietnam Visa Accepts Australian Citizen To Be Able To Enter With Tourism Purpose? 

Vietnam is one of the most attractive countries in Southeast Asia that Australian citizens also desire to visit because of its convenient location. Besides that, Vietnam is also a developed tourism country, so the way to get Vietnam visa is getting much easier than before. For Australian citizens, there are 3 main ways to apply for it:

1. Vietnam visa at the embassy or consulate

This way is a traditional one which requires you to prepare every necessary document and go to Vietnam embassy or consulate directly in Australia.

Consulate General of Vietnam in Sydney, Australia 

  • Address: 203 – 233 New South Head Road, Edgecliff, NSW 2027
  • Suite 205, Level 2, Edgecliff Centre
  • PO Box: 732, Edgecliff, NSW 2027

Consulate General of Vietnam in Perth, Western Australia

  • Address: 8th Floor, No.16, Georges Terrace street, Perth WA 6000
  • PO Box 3122 East Perth WA 6892

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Australia 

  • Address: 6 Timbarra Crescent, O’Malley, ACT, 2606, Australia
  • Postal address: PO Box 98, Mawson ACT 2607, Australia
  • Phone number: (02) 61694916

Besides that, “online visa” has become more popular to be chosen by many visitors because of its convenient and fast process. Through a few simple steps via online, you will easily get it to enter Vietnam.

2. Visa On Arrival 

This kind of visa allows every citizen in the world to be able to enter Vietnam from 1 months to 12 months with single or multiple entry.

With tourism purpose, you can easily apply for Visa On Arrival to stay for not more than 3 months with single or multiple entry. Depending on your need, you will consider to choose the most suitable one. Every step will be totally completed via the website.

In addition, 6 – 12 month stay would be also accepted for a temporary residence in Vietnam.


  • Visa On Arrival is just accepted to enter Vietnam through 6 international airports. In case you will be entering Vietnam through border gates, you should apply for E-visa which is also a kind of online visa.

3. Electronic visa (E-visa)

With tourism purpose, E-visa would be also a good choice. Vietnamese government allows 80 countries and 2 territories in the world to be able to apply for it easily via the website. Australia is also in this list.

With E-visa, you can enter Vietnam and stay for not more than 30 days with only single entry. The way to apply for E-visa is a little easier than Visa On Arrival because it is totally processed online. After successfully applying through website, you will receive Evisa in PDF file through email 2 business days later.

Moreover, E-visa is accepted to enter Vietnam through 8 international airports, 16 border gates and 9 seaports. So you will be more flexible to the trip.

You should consider to choose E-visa or Visa On Arrival which is suitable with your plan. In addition, the process is via online, so it would be so convenient for those who don’t have much time or stay somewhere beyond their country.

Depending on your purpose in Vietnam, you can choose the most suitable one following the functions of each one. Let’s go to the website to get the detailed guidance in case you need.