February 8, 2020
Visa Information

Vietnam Electronic Visa Is Officially Re-Opened For Hong Kong And Macao Passports From February 8th 2020

Vietnam electronic visa is a type of Vietnam visa which allows the holders to enter Vietnam one time with maximum 30 days. It’s the most convenient types of Vietnam visa that the applicants usually apply because it can be processed online very fast. It’s also the best options which is chosen by many Hong Kong and Macao applicants for a short trip to Vietnam.

However, it’s temporarily closed for China, Hong Kong and Macao citizens from January 30th 2020 because of the coronavirus outbreak. All electronic visa applications from January 30th 2020 are rejected if you hold a Hong Kong or Macao passport.

When the virus situation is getting better, Hong Kong and Macao has well controlled the problem, Vietnam Government decided to grant electronic visa again for Hong Kong and Macao passport holders, not included China mainland.

Accordingly, all Hong Kong passports (excepted passport beginning with letter “H”), and all Macao passport can submit the electronic visa application again online. The applicants must upload passport photo + digital photo when applying Vietnam electronic visa online. Visa application will be reviewed within 2 working days and the result will be sent to applicants’ email.

Vietnam electronic visa allows the visa holders to enter Vietnam through international airports, sea ports or land borders. Therefore, the electronic visa holders can easily enter Vietnam by variety means of transportation.

For electronic visa application, the applicants can apply online through this link https://www.vietnam-evisa.com/apply/


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