February 4, 2020
Visa Information

Vietnam Visa For Taiwanese Citizens During Coronavirus Outbreak

Currently, Vietnam has imposed a visa suspension on Chinese citizens due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus. It has also been recorded that the Vietnam visa application procedures for Hong Kong and Macau will be much more complicated than before. In order to stamp out the viral outbreak, citizens from coronavirus-hit areas now have to cope with visa restrictions until the disease is well-controlled. Therefore, concerns on Vietnam visas for Taiwanese citizens during norovirus outbreak have been raised, which is going to be answered in the article below. 

According to the latest update on February 4, 2020, there has not been any Vietnam visa restriction on Taiwanese citizens yet. In other words, Taiwanese can normally apply for a Vietnam visa for both business or tourism purposes.

It means that Taiwan passport holders still can apply online to get the visa approval letter and obtain visa on arrival at Vietnam airport. The procedure is exactly the same as before.

For those who need visa to Vietnam, you can click on this link to fill out the visa online application form and get the result through email. https://www.vietnam-evisa.com/apply/

Meanwhile, as the outbreak of coronavirus is spreading not only rapidly but also severely, self-protection is indispensable for any travelers during this time. Precisely, wearing masks, washing hands regularly, and keeping your throat moist plays a vital role in ensuring you have a safe trip. In case you have such symptoms like prolonged fever or cough, please visit local Vietnamese hospitals immediately for an accurate diagnosis, hence appropriate treatments.

Besides, please keep in mind that health examination procedures are inevitable upon the entry process at the Vietnam airport; processing time for entering Vietnam will be accordingly longer.