October 25, 2019

Vietnam Business Visa For American Visiting Vietnam For 2 Weeks

Which Types Of Visa Should American Passport Holders Apply To Stay In Vietnam For 2 Weeks With Business Purpose? 

There are two types of Vietnam visa that American passport holders can easily apply and use it to enter Vietnam with business purpose – Visa On Arrival And E-visa. Each one has its own functions and express application process. However, if you are planning to stay for 2 weeks with business purpose – E-visa would be a better choice. 

The functions of E-visa: 

Purpose Tourism and business
Number of entry Single entry
The length of stay 30 days
Entry ports 8 international airports, 16 border gates and 9 sea ports
Eligibility 80 countries and 2 territories, included United State of America


Moreover, the fee of E-visa is cheaper than Visa On Arrival with business purpose:

E-visa Business purpose Visa application fee: 55 USD
Visa On Arrival Visa application fee Visa stamp on arrival
1 month with single entry 75 USD 25 USD
1 month with multiple entry 80 USD 50 USD


Through only a few simple steps via the website https://www.vietnam-evisa.com/apply/:

  • Complete the online visa application form
  • Do the online payment via Paypal, Visa or Master card…

E-visa will be sent to you via email after 2 working days. Then printing it out for boarding the airplane as well as entering Vietnam.

In case you are planning to stay for more than 1 month, Visa On Arrival would be more suitable.



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