January 8, 2022
Visa On Arrival

[Vietnam Visa 2022] Full Guidance For Canadian Citizens To Apply Vietnam Visa On Arrival

For Canadian citizens, Visa On Arrival has been chosen to apply and enter Vietnam because of its functions. Depending on the kind of visa, Canadian passport holders will be accepted to stay in Vietnam for up to 3 months with single or multiple entry, no matter what your purpose is – business or tourism. Besides that, the way to apply for it is quite simple as below steps: 

There are 2 main steps you will be needing to do:

  • Get the approval letter. It will be used for boarding the airplane and getting the visa stamp on arrival.
  • Getting the visa stamp after arrival.

Before arrival

Step 1: 

The application process to get the approval letter will be totally completed via online. You can access the website https://www.vietnam-evisa.com/apply/

to complete the online application form. In this form, you will be also required to choose the type of visa you are going to apply (1-month or 3-month stay, single or multiple entry and business or tourism purpose).

Step 2: 

After step 1, the price of service fee will be shown, and it is required for you to do the online payment. Let’s see the following price table which is applicable for Canadian citizens to know how much you will be needing to pay:


Type of visa Tourism purpose Business purpose
1 month – single entry 6 USD 75 USD
1 month – multiple entry 8 USD 80 USD
3 months – single entry 15 USD 85 USD
3 months – multiple entry 20 USD 90 USD


Step 3: 

After 2 working days, “the approval letter” will be sent to you via email. Then printing it out for boarding the airplane and submitting with the other documents to get the visa stamp on arrival:

  • The approval letter
  • The visa application form: You can download it via the website https://www.vietnam-evisa.com/ and complete it before boarding the airplane to save more time on arrival.
  • Your passport: Your passport must be original and its validity must be at least 6 months from the day you enter Vietnam. In addition, it still has at least 2 blank pages.
  • Photo: 2 photos of size 3×4 cm
  • Cash: You need to prepare enough cash (only USD and VND is accepted) to pay for the visa stamp fee. It would be 25 USD for single entry and 50 USD for multiple entry – no matter what your purpose is.

After arrival

The last step you will be needing to do is to get the visa stamp at the Visa On Arrival counter after arrival. Let’s be ready with the required documents and submit it. You just need to wait for your turn to do the payment and get the visa stamp to enter Vietnam.


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