October 28, 2019
Visa On Arrival

Vietnam 1-year Visa | How Can American Passport Holders Get 12-month Vietnam Visa With Business Purpose? 

The number of American citizens who have come to Vietnam is getting much more than before in recent years. Therefore, United States of America is one of the countries which are accepted to apply for 12-month visa to stay in Vietnam with tourism or business purpose. 

Which type of visa can you apply for? 

Visa On Arrival
Purpose Business and tourism purpose
Duration 1-month, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month visa
Number of entry Single or Multiple entry
Entry ports 7 international airports


Following the above table, 12-month Visa On Arrival with business purpose and multiple entry would be the most suitable one with your needs.

The fee of 12-month Visa On Arrival for American passport holders

Visa On Arrival  Visa application fee Visa stamp fee on arrival
12-month with multiple entry 210 USD 135 USD


The detail steps to apply for 12-month Visa On Arrival 

Step Detailed guidance 
1 Access the website https://www.vietnam-evisa.com/apply/ to find out the online visa application form
2 Complete the online visa application form. In this form, you need to choose “12-month visa” for the length of your stay as well as choose “business purpose”
3 Do the online payment: 210 USD for the visa application fee to get the approval letter
4 Get the approval letter after 5 working days via email
5 Prepare some documents to get the visa stamp at the Visa On Arrival counter after arrival:

  • 2 photos of size 3×4
  • The approval letter (print it out)
  • Visa application form. You can get it at the Visa On Arrival counter and fill it by yourself.
  • The validity of your original passport must be at least 6 months from the day you enter and it must have at least 2 blank pages
  • Cash: 135 USD for the visa stamp


You can just enter through 7 international airports with Visa On Arrival

Tan Son Nhat international airport in Ho Chi Minh city

Noi Bai international airport in Ha Noi city

Cam Ranh international airport in Nha Trang city

Cat Bi international airport in Hai Phong city

Da Nang international airport in Da Nang city

Phu Quoc international airport in Phu Quoc island

Lien Khuong international airport in Da Lat city

The above detail guidance will help you easily get 12-month Vietnam visa to stay with business purpose. For any further question, you can send us an email: info@vietnam-evisa.com

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