January 2, 2021
Visa Information

How To Apply Vietnam Visa For Investors, High-tech Workers, Business Managers And Expert During Pandemic 2021

Vietnam government has announced to open Vietnam visa to welcome back the experts, investors, business managers, high-tech workers for developing the economics. However, how to apply visa to enter Vietnam in this pandemic period is a bit confused. In this article, we will share with you the detailed information about applying a Vietnam visa for investors, high-tech workers, business managers and expert during Covid19 pandemic.

In order to apply Vietnam visa for working, business, investment purpose in Covid19, you must have a sponsored company. This company has responsibility to sponsor you, pay the quarantine fee, prepare the required documents and submit visa application.

The sponsor is required to submit a letter to the local provincial people’s committee with specific details about the employee job details as well as their travel plans; The local provincial people’s committee is then expected to make a decision and then submit the request to Vietnam’s immigration department;

If the application is approved, the sponsor would also need to submit a letter and necessary documents to the immigration department including the local provincial people’s committee decision on the approval.

In fact, the administrative procedures are complicated and sponsor cannot be familiar with them, so it’s recommended to submit visa request through a visa service. This service will simplify as much as possible the required documents and you can get the result sooner.

In summary, the sponsored company must provide:

  • Business license
  • Invitation letter
  • Sign and seal the form which provided by visa agency

The foreigners must provide:

  • Passport photo
  • Departure airport and arrival airport
  • Information of the sponsored company and travel plan

The visa agency will prepare:

  • All documents required by local provincial committee and immigration office
  • All visa application forms

The visa agency will work directly with local provincial committee and immigration office, submit visa application and get result for the foreigner. After getting approved, the visa result will be sent to applicant’s email, and he only needs to print out. A virus test before coming, virus test after arrival and quarantine are required when coming to Vietnam.

For further information about Vietnam visa, you can contact us through info@vietnam-evisa.com