November 15, 2020
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Vietnam Visa Services And Hotel Quarantine Services For Foreigners Working In Vietnam During Covid-19 Period

The epidemic situation is still becoming more and more complicated, the entry to Vietnam has thus become a major concern for many foreign visitors. If you are having trouble due to cumbersome immigration procedures, and are concerned about the quarantine option after your entry, please consider “full package for Vietnam visa and hotel quarantine service” of Vietnam-Evisa.

The package service “processing entry Vietnam documents, assisting foreigners in completing immigration procedures and hotel isolation” is designed to help professionals, skilled workers, foreign directors enter conveniently. In particular, this service also meets health requirements and prevents the spread of disease. Passengers also enjoy a safe and enjoyable stay during the quarantine period.

1/ Full package of Vietnam entry permit, supporting immigration procedures and hotel quarantine services for foreigners

You are an expert, a manager, a foreign worker needs to enter Vietnam urgently, however you have a headache about immigration procedures and centralized isolation after immigration. Don’t worry, just book the all-inclusive service for Vietnam entry permit, immigration assistance and quarantine hotel services at Vietnam-Evisa.

This perfect 3-in-1 service is specially designed by Vietnam-Evisa for each passenger, ensuring “fast, safe and economical” requirements, giving you full guidance when entering Vietnam in pandemic duration. At the same time, you can also use each separate service if you don’t want to use the full package.

Perfect 3-in-1 service at Vietnam-Evisa included:

🔹 Apply for entry permit to Vietnam (3 months single entry) which is approved by the Provincial People’s Committee and Immigration Department.

🔹 Pick up passengers at the airport, assist passengers with full body sterilization, medical declaration and fast entry procedures to Vietnam.

🔹 Transfer passengers to the isolated area at the hotel (2 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars) approved by the Ministry of Health (Including 2 people / room or 1 person / room + 3 meals / day).

2/ Applying entry permit and visa approval letter for foreigners to enter Vietnam

Entry permit is the legal document approved by the Provincial People’s Committee, visa approval letters are documents issued by the immigration department. These two documents allow foreigners to enter Vietnam for commercial, investment and working purposes.

Foreigners can only apply for entry permit + visa approval letter when they have a guarantee from a Vietnamese sponsored company. The sponsor company in Vietnam will then provide the necessary documents to apply for the entry permit and visa approval before the foreigner enters Vietnam.

The contents of the entry permit + visa approval letter include information about the sponsored company, information of the foreigner, the period of entry, quarantine hotel of the foreigner in Vietnam, and the location for getting Vietnam visa.

Please note: If there is no entry permit and visa approval, you will not be issued Vietnam visa.

Procedures for applying for entry permit and visa approval letter to Vietnam

Using the entry service of Vietnam-Evisa, you only need to provide the following documents:

♦ Scan of business license of the sponsored company

♦ Scan passport bio page of the foreigner

♦ Visa application form

Foreigners who register for Vietnam entry services only need to prepare all of the above items. In case of needing more documents, we will contact directly to support from A-Z, ensuring your 3-month Vietnam entry visa will be granted in the shortest time.

3 / Medical examination and entry support services for foreigner entering Vietnam

Right after landing at the airport safely, passengers who have registered for the 3-in-1 package will have priority:

🔹 Spray disinfectant

🔹 Get quick medical clearance

🔹 Test for S.A.R.S-C.o.V-2 safely

Completing this process, you will be supported by Vietnam-Evisa staff to receive visa at the airport.

4 / Transfer the foreigner to quarantine hotel

After receiving the visa approval letter, we will assist you to book quarantine hotel service. A list of hotels approved by the Department of Health will be sent to you. Depending on your preferences, needs and budget conditions, you can choose to stay in a fully equipped 2-star, 3-star, 4-star or 5-star hotel. During the 15-day quarantine period, no matter what type of stay you choose, you will be served attentively with 3 meals and medical monitoring service every day.

At the airport, complex immigration procedures will be completed in the fastest time by our support service. After successful enter into Vietnam, you will be served a quick transfer from the airport to the quarantine hotel.

Process of shuttle service for hotel isolation:

🔹 Car and Health professional pick up passengers from the airport to the quarantine hotel

🔹 At the hotel, you are fully served with 3 meals and medical monitoring daily. You are also tested for virus testing at the hotel as authorities request.

5 / Why should you choose full package 3-in-1 “entry permit, immigration entry support and quarantine service” of Vietnam-Evisa?

➢ Package products are designed to each customer conveniently

➢ Quality service, customer support from A-Z

➢ Over 10 years of experience in Vietnam immigration services package

➢ Competitive, transparent and clear price. 100% fee refund if no visa approval letter is received

➢ Supported by a team of skilled professionals, knowledgeable in law, fluent in foreign languages.

➢ All procedures are done in the simplest and most professional manner

➢ Experience the fast, convenient, safe and economical service

➢ Ensure fast – prestige – professionalism before, during and after entry.

Facing the complicated evolution of the epidemic, immigration procedures to Vietnam have become a problem for many visitors. In addition to language and legal barriers, foreigners are also strictly controlled and require legal guarantees from businesses in Vietnam. These shortcomings will cause many difficulties for visitors, even cause you to give up the desire to apply Vietnam visa. Now you do not need to worry anymore, because we have launched a full service for entry Vietnam and quarantine service.

Let our professional staff advise your case details by contacting via email . We are committed to making you satisfied above your expectations with a full-service “entry permit, immigration assistance and safe quarantine at the hotel.