Bitexco Financial building, one of the tallest buildings in Vietnam, is located in the heart of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. The building is built on an area of nearly 6,100 square meters with super-capital investment. This is one of the must-visit tourist attractions to visit when visitors come to Ho Chi Minh city. […]

Co To is the hottest sea paradise today with cute, unique and new homestays. The beautiful carriages, peaceful dreaming, the containers hidden under the green pines, or homestay with the architecture of Western Europe will make you fascinated right there.   Coto Garden   Among the Co To Garden homestay, this homestay is located between […]

The hometown of President Ho Chi Minh is located about 16km from the center of Vinh city, Sen village (Lotus village) in Kim Lien, Nam Dan, Nghe An province is the homeland of Uncle Ho. This is one of the four most important relics in the country and also the pride of Nghe An people. […]

The buckwheat flower season in Ha Giang from the beginning of October to the end of December. You only need to spend three days is enough to go to the most attractive tourist attractions in Ha Giang.   Transportation to Ha Giang   Travel by car: From Ha Noi, you should take the night car […]

Moc Chau is the poetic and dreaming destination of the North, Vietnam. Deserve a place you have to come to at least once in your life. The beauty of mountains and forests combined with the color of the Northwest culture has created a wonderful aquarium picture.   Transportation to Moc Chau, Son La   If […]

In these days of hot summer, it is the best time to visit Ly Son island. Ly Son Island, also known as Re Island, is located in Quang Ngai province, about 25 km from the mainland. Ly Son island consists of two islands called Big Island and Small Island, about 2 nautical miles apart with […]

The island is located in Cam Ranh Bay, about 60 km south of Nha Trang. Because of the military’s management quite well, Binh Ba is still a relatively untouched island, nature still retains the rustic features, not destroyed by humans. Binh Ba has the delta plain with an area of 94.78ha, accounting for 16.3% of […]

Hue ancient capital, for a long time, has been famous for its ancient landscapes, offering a peaceful and romantic beauty that visitors from all over the world want to visit. In particular, it would be a pity if visitors to Hue if they did not experience a boat trip on the Huong River to float […]

Red River tourist destination is attracting inbound and outbound tourists, this is a boat tour on the Red River. Depart from Bo De Pagoda, the tour has a route to visit some famous sites along the Red River, such as Mau Temple, Dam Temple, Chu Dong Tu Temple and Bat Trang Pottery Village. The trip […]

Tour around Hanoi with 13 stops through the capital attractions by convertibles double-checker the first stage put into use with 3 cars with 80 seats. This is a vehicle specially designed for city views from above. Use GPS navigation technology, free wifi, USB charging port, refrigerator, monitor, CCTV, headset and pay with Automatic Swipe Card. […]

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