June 19, 2018
Travel Tips

How to experience Ly Son in 2 days of the weekend?

In these days of hot summer, it is the best time to visit Ly Son island. Ly Son Island, also known as Re Island, is located in Quang Ngai province, about 25 km from the mainland. Ly Son island consists of two islands called Big Island and Small Island, about 2 nautical miles apart with a total area of nearly 10 km2.


With fresh beaches and seafood, Ly Son will bring you an unforgettable summer travel experience. The best time to visit Ly Son is from June to September. The weather is beautiful and sunny, suitable for going to the sea.


Now, let’s see the 2-day Ly Son Discovery schedule as below:


– Day 1:


+ 7h: From Sa Ky, eat breakfast and rest on the train to go about 1 hour 30 minutes to Ly Son Island, for 95,000 VND / person.


+ 9h: The ship docked to Ly Son island. Get off the ship and walk inside the harbor. Get in the center of the island to check in the hotel. The room is clean, air-conditioned, full facilities at 250,000 VND / night.


+ 9h30: Rent a motorbike at the guesthouse for 150,000 VND / car/day, start the journey to explore the island. Ride around the island to capture the terrain of this place.



+ 10h: Take a shower and dive into the coral reef at Cau Cave. You can rent a boat to see the coral cost of 60,000 VND / person.


+ 12h: Go swimming and go to lunch. At the center of the island, you can always find the restaurant, which is crowded and clean. The seafood here is very fresh and at a reasonable price. You can drink coconut juice for refreshment at 20,000 VND / fruit.


+ 12h45: Finish your lunch, you go resting now.


+ 14h: Use motorbike to visit Hang pagoda, Water reservoir, Thoi Loi peak, Lighthouse, Mu Cu island.


+ 17h: Back to bathing and rest.


+ 18h: Have dinner at the center of the island, enjoy grilled seafood dishes like lobster, scallops, squid, octopus… Two people can eat comfortably about 500,000 VND / meal.


+ 20h: Take a walk, watch the sea at night.


– Day 2:


+ 5h: Get up early, go to Mu Cu and try watching the sunrise.


+ 7h: Eat noodles, fish balls with the price of 20,000 VND / bowl.


+ 8h: Take the boat to Small Island. From Big Island to Small Island only takes about 10 minutes. Explore the Small island with smooth white sand and romantic scenery.



+ 11h: Return to the Big Island, explore the local market, buy garlic and seafood as gifts.


+ 12h: Check out, go for lunch and then go to the beach.


+ 13h30: Arrive at the pier to prepare baggage to leave the wharf.


+ 15h: Arrive at Sa Ky port (Quang Ngai). Back home, finish the journey of exploring Ly Son.


What to eat in Ly Son?


The food on this island is not as rich as the island of Ly Son island, they mainly have seafood. The cafeteria is also close to the guest house so it is very convenient for you. You can book accommodations at affordable prices. The rice dish will have basic dishes such as salted pork chop with chili, fresh squid or grilled fish, sour soup fish, meat, eggs … Price about 50-70.000 VND / person with normal menu, and 100-150.000 / person for a menu with lots of seafood.



Big Island has special features such as conch, porridge (sea urchins), king crab salad, garlic salad and seaweed salad … However, these dishes are only seasonal as garlic or salad, which must be ordered as King crab. In the morning, you can taste noodles, homemade scrambled eggs or a unique scrambled eggplant that is sold at the central market or off the pier.


Because Ly Son is famous as the kingdom of Garlic, especially the lonely Garlic – a kind of garlic, which is a rare and a tonic of the island. Garlic season starts from December to February in the next year. If you want to taste the famous garlic salad, you should go to the island in the garlic season. In summer the Islanders mainly grow dried onions, corn and peanuts.


What to bring to Ly Son Island?


– Bring cool, neat, sports shoes to climb mountains and slippers for convenience on the beach.

– Your luggage should be lightweight or large travel backpack for convenient transportation.

– Bring anti-mosquito and insect repellent, allergy medicine …

– Sunscreen, hat, umbrellas are indispensable to avoid sunburn on the sea.

– Bring life jackets, swimwear, glasses and a full swim cap if you want to dive in the turquoise waters of the island.



If you like camping please bring your tent, blanket or coat.

– Prepare spare charger, a flashlight to prevent power outages on the island.

– Buy some food, dried food, candy if you plan to camp or bring children on the island as gifts.


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