The Vietnam National Assembly Standing Committee just approved to continue the E-Visa program for another 2 years on October 16th 2018. E-Visa program is the visa policy which allows the applicants to get Vietnam electronic visa online. It was first published in October 2016 and has gained many good comments from the foreigners. In October […]

Vietnam e-Visa is a program which is only applied for some indicated countries, allowing the holders to come to Vietnam for tourist or business. The e-Visa holders can enter and exit Vietnam one time and stay in this country less than 30 days. e-Visa has good price, easy application and fast process. It normally takes […]

In order to apply an e-Visa, the following documents and items are required: – You need to carry a passport that will be valid for at least 6 months from the date you intend to enter Vietnam. In case of dual citizenship, please specify your country according to the particular travel document/passport which you intend […]

Fee for Vietnam e-Visa
September 20, 2018

Vietnam e-Visa is a kind of Visa allowing passengers to enter Vietnam one time with 30 days staying. This visa is only eligible for some countries indicated by the Vietnam Immigration Department and can be applied online. Besides, passengers are only permitted to enter and exit Vietnam via the indicated ports. Be different with Visa […]

Types of Vietnam e-Visa
September 20, 2018

Vietnam e-Visa is a document providing applicants visa to enter Vietnam with online application. This visa is very convenient and easy to apply online. For Vietnam e-Visa, there is two types available: tourist e-Visa and business e-Visa. Tourist e-Visa is used for those who enter Vietnam for tourism purpose. Business e-Visa is used for those […]

e-Visa is a type of visa allowing the holder to enter Vietnam with single entry and 30 days staying. Please note that this visa is only applicable for some indicated countries, and the holders must enter and exit at the indicated ports.  In order to apply e-Visa, you need to follow these below steps: Step 1 – […]

How to apply for e-Visa to Vietnam? Please see our instruction to apply for an e-Visa For making new application Step 1 – Click ‘Apply Now’ to start for filling the form online. – Select the country of passport which you want to use for traveling to Vietnam. – Choose purpose of your visa to Vietnam […]

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