December 1, 2022

Vietnam E-Visa Online Application from Official Government Website 2023 – Fees, Documents & How to Apply

This post is all information of Vietnam E-visa updated in 2023 – fee, documents and how to apply from official government website. If you do a quick search on the internet, you will see that there are many travel agencies offering E-visa. However, they are not official government website, and their price is higher than the official one. But please note that there is only one official government website for Vietnam E-visa.

Before we start writing for how you can apply for Vietnam E-visa on official government website in less than 15 minutes and get final E-visa in your mail box within 3 days, we want to tell you that this post is not related to selling purpose. We are writing it only to help those who need a visa to visit Vietnam. Due to a number of private Visa agencies/travel websites that have flooded on the internet, you also may get confused to find the right visa official government website and travel agency websites.

Another notice, this post is about Vietnam E-Visa only. If you want to know more about all visa application ways for Vietnam, you can see other posts.

  1. Vietnam Visa – 3 Different Ways to Get Your Visa

There are 3 ways that you can apply and get Vietnam Visa. We listed all three processes below while also put our Priority Ranking. You may select the one that suits your travel requirements best.

  • Apply for Vietnam E-Visa Online (Preference 1) – This is the easiest way to get Vietnam Visa for those who are eligible for it. Citizens of all 46 Eligible countries can apply eVisa. You only need to apply online directly on Vietnam Immigration Official Government Website and get your E-Visa over email in 3 working days. If you are looking for 30 days Single Entry Vietnam Visa, please go for it without second thought.
  • Vietnam Visa on Arrival (Preference 2) – To get Vietnam Visa on Arrival, you have to go through 2 step process) Get a Visa Approval Letter through a Private Agency ($6 to $30 – Depends on Agency and how fast you want your letter) and Get your Visa Stamp on Arrival in Vietnam ($25 -$50 – Depends on Single/Multi Entry Visa). Vietnam Visa on Arrival is useful in case you are looking for Multi Entry or more than 30 days Vietnam Visa. (Read more – Vietnam Visa on Arrival 2023 – How to Apply, Fees and Requirements)
  • Apply for Vietnam Visa at Vietnam Embassy/Consulate (Preference 3) – You can apply for Vietnam Visa at Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in your country only. This process is effort intensive with fees being higher compared to both Visa on Arrival and E-Visa processes. It also takes more time and more paper work, so it is the last choice. We suggest you to apply for your Vietnam Visa through Embassy ONLY IF both E-Visa and Visa on Arrival do not serve your travel needs.

We are covering only Vietnam E-Visa process in this post. Here below is detail of E-visa and how to get it through official website.

  1. Eligible Countries for Vietnam E-Visa

In Feb 2017, Vietnam launched the E-Visa program to simplify the Visa process. Now citizens of 80 countries can apply for Vietnam Visa online and get their E-Visa delivered electronically within 3 days. List of eligible countries for Vietnam E-Visa is below:

1. Andorra 21. Denmark 41. Macedonia 61. Portugal
2. Argentina 22. Estonia 42. Malta 62. Qatar
3. Armenia 23. Fiji 43. Marshall Islands 63. Romania
4. Australia 24. Finland 44. Mexico 64. Russia
5. Austria 25. France 45. Micronesia 65. Samoa
6. Azerbaijan 26. Georgia 46. Moldova 66. San Marino
7. Belarus 27. Germany 47. Monaco 67. Serbia
8. Belgium 28. Greece 48. Mongolia 68. Slovakia
9. Bosnia and Herzegovina 29. Hungary 49. Montenegro 69. Slovenia
10. Brazil 30. Iceland 50. Myanmar 70. Solomon Islands
11. Brunei 31. India 51. Nauru 71. Spain
12. Bulgaria 32. Ireland 52. Netherlands 72. Sweden
13. Canada 33. Italy 53. New Zealand 73. Switzerland
14. Chile 34. Japan 54. Norway 74. Timor-Leste
15. China * 35. Kazakhstan 55. Palau 75. UAE
16. Colombia 36. Korea (South) 56. Panama 76. United Kingdom
17. Croatia 37. Latvia 57. Papua New Guinea 77. United States of America
18. Cuba 38. Liechtenstein 58. Peru 78. Uruguay
19. Cyprus 39. Lithuania 59. Philippines 79. Vanuatu
20. Czech Republic 40. Luxembourg 60. Poland 80. Venezuela
* Including Hong Kong SAR & Macau SAR passport holders; Not apply to Chinese e-passport holders (passport number begin with “E”)
  1. Vietnam E-Visa Official Government Website

One of the most difficulty that many people would have faced is to find official government website where you can apply for Vietnam E-Visa. There are so many private websites, so it is hard to find out Vietnam Immigration Official Site. Here below is official government website for applying Vietnam visa:

You can apply online in this link and get your visa within 3 working days (see detailed guidance in part 9)

  1. Vietnam Ports of Entry that Permit E-Visa Entry

There are 28 Ports that allow foreigners to enter and exit Vietnam using an E-Visa. You may find complete list here. This is far better compared to Visa on Arrival which allows entry to Vietnam only through 6 International Airports.

  1. How much does Vietnam E- Visa Cost?

Vietnam E-Visa fee is 25 USD. There is an additional 0.96 USD online payment fee charged by payment gateway, so in total 25.96 USD. This fee is standard for citizens from all 46 eligible countries.

This is the cheapest way to get your Vietnam Visa as you directly apply on government website and there is no third party/visa agency/travel agency involved in this process who usually charge an additional fee of around $15 – $25.

  1. Vietnam E-Visa – What is covered and What is not covered?

If you are looking for less than 30 days of stay + Single Entry Tourist Visa and planning to enter Vietnam through one of 28 international checkpoint Ports (including Airports, Seaports and Landports) + belonging to 46 eligible countries, then Vietnam E-Visa is perfect for you. So, it suffices for most of the people visiting Vietnam as a tourist or short duration trips.

Please note that Vietnam E-Visa would not be right choice if you are looking for a stay longer than 30 days or multiple entry during your stay in Vietnam.

  1. How much time does it take to get Vietnam E-Visa.

It takes only 15 minutes for you to apply your Vietnam Visa online on Vietnam official government website. After that, it takes another 3 working days to get your E-Visa online in your email. With your E-Visa Print out, you can directly head to Immigration passport control counter once you land in Vietnam.

  1. Documents required to apply for Vietnam E-Visa online

To apply for your Vietnam Visa online, you require soft copies of following documents. Please keep digital/scanned copies of following ready before you start your online application process.

  • Portrait Photo (4x6cm): Looking straight and without glasses.
  • Passport Data Page: Full page including photo, personal information and ICAO lines.

Once you land in Vietnam, you have to present the printed E-Visa and valid passport at immigration check-point. Please note that you also need to display your E-Visa to Airlines otherwise you will not be allowed to board flight to Vietnam.

  1. How to apply for Vietnam E-Visa on Vietnam official government website: Step by Step Guide

Here is step by step guide to apply for your Vietnam E-Visa online on Vietnam Official Government website:

Step 1: Visit Vietnam official government Website and go through FAQs to understand if E-Visa fits your requirements. Once you are sure of applying for Vietnam Visa online, click on E-Visa issuance Section as highlighted below. This will direct you to Visa application page.

How to get Vietnam E-Visa from Vietnam Government Official Website (step 1)


Step 2: On Next page, click either on Foreigner’ section or on “personally apply for E-visa”. This will direct you to Visa Application Page.

How to get Vietnam E-Visa from Vietnam Government Official Website (step 2)


Step 3: On next page, it will list 3 steps for your Vietnam E-Visa Application. Confirm at the bottom and click Next. You do not have to provide any other detail here. It is to prepare your for the process.

How to get Vietnam E-Visa from Vietnam Government Official Website (step 3)


Step 4: Next Page is the one where you need to upload your photograph, Passport Copy and all details for Vietnam E-Visa Application Process. Please fill all details and check correctly as you cannot edit your application once submitted and E-Visa application fee is non-refundable. This page asks you to specify for Entry and Exit Port, so pay attention to 28 international checkpoints. After providing all details, click on “Review Your Application” button and you can review all details (and also edit them again). Please recheck your email ID as you will get your Vietnam E-Visa via email.

How to get Vietnam E-Visa from Vietnam Government Official Website (step 4)


Step 5: Submission of your application leads you to Payment Page and will also generate a Registration Code to track your application. In case, you do not pay now, you can also come later and complete payment using same Registration Code. Clicking on “Pay e-Visa Fee” leads you to Payment Gateway.

How to get Vietnam E-Visa from Vietnam Government Official Website (step 5)


Step 6: You can pay a fee of 25 USD and an additional 0.96 USD Payment Fee on Payment Gateway. Please note that though fee is in USD but deduction would be in Vietnamese Dong.

How to get Vietnam E-Visa from Vietnam Government Official Website (step 6)


Step 7: You will get a confirmation for Successful E-Visa Application and you should get your Vietnam Visa within 3 days through email.

How to get Vietnam E-Visa from Vietnam Government Official Website (step 7)


  1. How do I check my Vietnam E-Visa Status

You can use your registration code to check the status of your Vietnam E-Visa here.

How to check my Vietnam E-Visa Status


This completes your Vietnam E-Visa Online Application Process within 15 minutes directly on Government Official Website. As per communication on website, you have to wait for another 3 days to get you Visa. At this time, there is no Express Service to get your Vietnam E-Visa Faster.

After your visa is approved, application status on above page changed as ‘Granted Visa’ with a link to download and print your Visa.

Vietnam E-Visa Status after was granted


By clicking at down arrow sign, you can download your Vietnam E-Visa.

  1. How does Vietnam E-Visa looks Like?

You get your Vietnam E-Visa as a simple one-page PDF. It looks like this.

how does vietnam e-visa look like


  1. Vietnam E-Visa Real Experiences at Noi Bai Airport (Ha Noi City)

First of all, Airlines check for your Vietnam Visa before boarding and you are allowed to board flight only if you either have Vietnam Visa (E-Visa or issued by Embassy) or Visa on Arrival Approval Letter. In case, you do not have any one of them, you will not be allowed to board flight to Vietnam.

With E-Visa, you directly move to Immigration line and within few minutes you are on the other side of immigration. A pretty smooth and fast process, you can go through this process without facing any problem. Officer at Immigration counter will ask you to show your passport and print out of E-Visa.  After a quick check, he will put Vietnam Entry stamp on your Passport. Below is sample of Vietnam Entry and Exit Stamp.

Vietnam Entry stamp for E-Visa


Please note that you will be asked again E-Visa copy at Immigration when you exit Vietnam. So, keep your Vietnam E-Visa print out copy handy during Exit also.

  1. Another Option to Get Vietnam E-Visa: Visa agency

Although getting E-visa though official government website is the best way, it also has some disadvantages. That is the reason why some people still consider to apply with travel agency:

  • Online application system sometimes has failed: It is what many people blame much about E-Visa on official system. It is sometimes failed when the applicants are filling visa details. The website of visa agency is more professional about this.
  • Some browsers cannot access the official website: Some applicants usually meet difficulty because access the official website. The reason is there are some browsers cannot access the link. When it happens, applicants have to try another browser.
  • The application can be refused visa without any reasons: The same as visa policy as many countries in the world, you can be refused to grant e-Visa without any reason if you apply on the official government website. In this case, the visa fee will be non-refundable. However, if you apply with visa agency, they will guarantee you will get visa successfully. Most of travel agency has money back guarantee. It makes sure that you will get your visa. Of course, you have to pay the additional fee for this guarantee service. That is the reason why the price of travel agency is more expensive than the one of official government website.
  • Processing time can be longer than 3 working days: Some applicants usually meet this trouble. Processing time of normal process is 3 working days, but they still not received any thing after 3 working days. If you apply with visa agency, they guarantee you will get visa within 2 working days. Furthermore, you can get it quicker (1 working days, 4 working days, 2 working days) with an extra fee if applying with them. There is no way to get visa in rush if applying in official website.
  • No support service or email response: If you have any questions which you want to make clear, there is no one to ask. The official government website does not provide customer service, so you can not chat, email, or call any one when you need to contact. Applying with travel agency, you can contact any time you want and get response immediately.
  • Cannot revise any information if having made wrong in filling application form: When you finish to apply visa on official website, if you find out any mistake, you cannot revise. In this case, you have to pay money for applying the new one. Applying with visa agency, they can revise for you for free.

Hope this post helps you get your Vietnam E-Visa successfully and visit this beautiful country. Please drop us an email in case you need more information or want to share your experience. We would love to hear from you or guide you in case you need any further assistance.


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