October 25, 2019

Vietnam 1-Year Visa For American Passport Holder

I’m An American Passport Holder. Is It Possible For Me To Stay In Vietnam For More Than 12 Months As A Temporary Residence With Tourism Purpose?

For your question: 

America is one of the countries which are allowed to apply for 12-month visa with tourism purpose. Especially, 12-month visa is applicable for Visa On Arrival – a type of online visa, so it would be very easy and convenient to apply for it. E-visa is not mentioned here, because the maximum length of stay is just 30 days. 

Let’s see the detailed information of Visa On Arrival which is applicable for American passport holders:

Visa On Arrival
Eligibility Every country in the world
Entry ports 6 international airports
Number of entry Single or Multiple entry
The length of stay 1-month, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month visa
Purpose Tourism and business


The first step of the application process is to fill the online application form. At this step, you will be needing to choose “12 months” for the length of stay, tourism for the purpose. With 12-month Visa On Arrival, “multiple entry” visa would be applicable for it. Then doing the online payment as the below price table:


Type of visa Visa application fee Visa stamp fee on arrival
12-month visa with multiple entry 50 USD.

This fee is used for the online payment

135 USD.

This fee will be required to get the visa stamp


Before its expiration, it is totally possible to make an expansion to stay longer in Vietnam.

Take note: 

Visa On Arrival is just accepted to enter Vietnam through 6 international airports.


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