One of the most annoying things of people who travel around the world is Visa. Some visas are easy to obtain, but some are very difficult to get. Many people choose a country for visiting in stead of another country just because of visa. Some countries close the door for entering, and the visa policy […]

Both Foreign visitors and Vietnamese are required to fill in the Vietnam Health Declaration form online at before entering Vietnam. However, the information inside the form cause a lot of confuses when filling out. How to fill the Vietnam Health Declaration form correctly? In this article, we will guide you in detail so that […]

Vietnam’s unilateral visa exemption policy for UK and European countries has just been amended this afternoon, March 9, 2020. Accordingly, the UK and 7 other European countries including Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France and Spain will no longer be exempted from the 15-day visa when entering Vietnam as before.

As we know, Vietnam Government has temporarily stopped to grant Vietnam visa for Hong Kong and Macao passport holders from the end of January 2019. Because of the bad effect of Wuhan corona virus situation, Hong Kong and Macao passport holders are more difficult to apply Vietnam visa. But when the situation is well controlled, […]

Vietnam is opening and attracting every visitor from every country in the world to visit Vietnam. Getting a Vietnam visa has never been difficult as before. Just a click, stay at home and apply online, you can get visa to Vietnam. There are 2 kinds of visa which are applied online conveniently and easily – […]

I’m An American Passport Holder But I Was Born In Vietnam. Do I Need To Apply For Visa To Come Back Vietnam?  This is one of the common questions that many American passport holders concern and want to know exactly. Actually, no matter where you were born or how long you have lived in Vietnam, […]

I’m An American Passport Holder. Is It Possible For Me To Stay In Vietnam For More Than 12 Months As A Temporary Residence With Tourism Purpose? For your question:  America is one of the countries which are allowed to apply for 12-month visa with tourism purpose. Especially, 12-month visa is applicable for Visa On Arrival […]

Which Type Of Visa Accepts Indian Citizens To Be Able To Stay In Vietnam For 2 Months With Business Purpose? For this question:  It is totally possible to apply for Vietnam visa and stay in Vietnam for 2 months with business purpose. Each type of online has its own functions to be suitable with your […]

I’m An Indian Citizen But Living In China. How Can I Apply For Vietnam Visa Without Going Back To India? Entering Vietnam with tourism or business purpose is not a difficult problem anymore. Online visa has been a great option for every citizen in the world to be able to apply for it, included India. […]

I Was Born And Lived In Vietnam For Years, But Now I’m An Indian Passport Holder. Do I Need To Apply For Visa To Enter Vietnam? For this question: Indian passport holders will be required to present Vietnam visa for boarding the airplane as well as entering Vietnam. You were born and lived in Vietnam […]

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