September 21, 2022

Detailed Guidance of Photo and Passport’s Requirements For Applying Vietnam E-visa Online

Passport and personal photo are the only two required documents when submitting a Vietnam visa application form online. However, the visa applicants sometimes upload the wrong standard quality of passport and photo which makes the visa application process longer. Your Vietnam E-visa application can be refused if you upload the low quality documents. What are the requirements of photo and passport when submitting Vietnam E-visa online? Please see the detailed guidance below:

1/ Passport’s requirements for Vietnam E-visa submission

You may take a photo OR scan the personal information page of your passport, as a standard requirement in your e-Visa application. The image must be of adequate quality, such that your passport information could be read clearly and legibly.

  • Passport must be valid for at least 6 months
  • You only need to take a picture/scan of the personal information page. No need other pages
  • Information on passport must be clear and can be read. Don’t upload the blurred, low quality passport
  • Take the picture in a straight way. Don’t miss any corner of the information
  • Don’t let your finger to hide the information on passport
  • Don’t use the black and white picture of your passport. Please update the colored picture.

2/ Photo’s requirements for Vietnam E-visa submission

You can use your phone’s camera to take the personal photo. Make sure the photo meets below requirements:

Must clearly show a full face, front view and open eyes

Not wear any glasses

Not cover your face with anything

Not use the same photo in your passport if your passport is issued for a long time ago. Personal photo must be taken within 6 months. If you use the old photo in passport, it will not be accepted.

Not use black and white photo, dazzling, shake, blur, low quality photo

Don’t wear hat on photo

Make sure photo presents full head, from top of hair to shoulders level

3/ What happens if you submit the low quality passport or photo

In case you submit a not good passport or photo when filling out the visa application form online, you will be asked to update the new ones. It causes a lot of troublesome because the processing will be delayed a lot, and if your passport and photo still not meet the criteria, you have to update again.

In the worst cases, your visa will be rejected. So please make sure that you upload the good quality passport and photo.


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