July 15, 2022
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 [Urgent Vietnam Electronic Visa for Belgian 2023] How To Expedite Vietnam Electronic Visa Application Process For Belgian?

Urgent Vietnam electronic visa (fast or emergency electronic visa) is available for Belgian from 2022. Belgian passport holders can use the express service to apply Vietnam electronic visa urgently. How to expedite the Vietnam electronic visa for Belgian? How fast to get urgent Vietnam visa for Belgian people? We will find the answer below.

1/ Introduction about Vietnam electronic visa for Belgian 2023

In order to simplify the visa application process into Vietnam, the Vietnam government has issued Vietnam electronic visa from 2017. This is a type of visa applied online, and the applicants can get visa result through email. All procedures are completed online, so the applicants can apply anytime at anywhere, very convenient.

Can Belgian passport apply Vietnam electronic visa 2023?

Until now, there are 80 countries can apply Vietnam electronic visa, and Belgian passport is in this list.

Actually, Vietnam electronic visa for Belgian people was suspended for 2 years from 2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic. However, when most Vietnamese have been vaccinated, Vietnam government has decided to open the borders and welcome back all foreigners again from March 2022. At the same time, Vietnam electronic visa was opened again for Belgian passport.

Belgian passport is eligible to apply Vietnam electronic visa from 2022, and all procedures are the same as before.


How long can Belgian people stay in Vietnam with electronic visa?

Vietnam electronic visa for Belgian is valid maximum 30 days only. Belgian people can use electronic visa to enter Vietnam for a trip less than 30 days.

After entering Vietnam with electronic visa, Belgian people can go anywhere inside Vietnam. If they exit Vietnam, the electronic visa is immediately invalid.

Can Vietnam electronic visa for Belgian extended more than 30 days?

No, Vietnam electronic visa extension for Belgian and other passports is not available in this period. In other words, Belgian passport cannot extend electronic visa for more than 30 days right now.

If Belgian want to stay more than 30 days in Vietnam, they should apply a new electronic visa, then crossing the border to Cambodia or Laos (or flying to nearby countries such as Thailand, Singapore or Malaysia), the re-entering with new electronic visa. By this way, Belgian people can get another 30 days Vietnam visa.

Can Belgian people enter Vietnam multiple time with electronic visa?

No, Vietnam electronic visa is single entry visa only. If Belgian people exit Vietnam, the visa will be no longer valid. In case Belgian people need to come to Vietnam multiple time, they can apply many electronic visa.

Vietnam electronic visa can be applied online, so Belgian passport can apply 2 visas when they have not come to Vietnam yet, or when they are in Vietnam. It’s very convenient for those who already had the detailed plan.

Which entry ports accepting Belgian people enter through by Vietnam electronic visa?

With Vietnam electronic visa, Belgian people can fly to Vietnamese international airports, cross the borders or take the cruise ship to Vietnam.

All entry ports which allow Belgian passport enter Vietnam with electronic visa can be found here.

2/ How many days for processing Vietnam electronic visa for Belgian?

After successfully submitted visa application form, Vietnam electronic visa for Belgian will be granted from 3-5 working days (not included Saturday, Sunday and Vietnamese holidays). The process may be longer if there are many visa applications.

It’s recommended for Belgian people to submit Vietnam electronic visa at least 1 week before the departure day. The Airlines will check visa at boarding time before letting you fly to Vietnam.

3/ Express service for getting Vietnam electronic visa for Belgian in 4 working hours

In urgent cases, Belgian passport still can apply Vietnam electronic visa less than 3 working days. However, Belgian people must use the express service to expedite Vietnam visa electronic application process.

The express service for getting Vietnam electronic visa faster will be used for:

  • Belgian people who just find that they need visa to enter Vietnam but there is not enough time to apply electronic visa normally
  • Belgian people who applied Vietnam electronic visa but the visa is still processing
  • Belgian people who travel urgently to Vietnam and need visa ASAP

With express Vietnam visa services, Belgian people can get Vietnam visa within 1 working day, or 4 working hours, or even faster. Belgian people can contact us through whatsapp/zalo/wechat +84938878624 for details.

4/ How to expedite Vietnam electronic visa application process for Belgian 2023?

For applying a Vietnam electronic visa urgently, Belgian passport should follow these below step:

Step 1: Click here to access Vietnam visa application page https://www.vietnam-evisa.com/apply/

Step 2: Choose all required information in the application form:

  • Nationality
  • Purpose of visit: tourism or business
  • Visa type: E-visa – 30 days, single entry
  • Port of arrival & port or exit:
  • Entry date and exit date:

Step 3: Choose express service

From ADD-ON service, choose the expedited service which is suitable for your trip.

Step 4: Enter email and attach passport + photo. Please follow this link to make sure your passport and photo meet the requirements:


Step 5: Make payment

After making payment successfully, your electronic visa will be in ordered. It will be processed and sent to you via email as deadline you choose in application form.

5/ Vietnam entry requirements for Belgian people when entering Vietnam 2023

From May 2022, All travel restrictions when entering Vietnam are lifted. Belgian people NO LONGER need to bring these below documents for entry Vietnam:

  • Belgian passport holders don’t need to show vaccination certificate when entering Vietnam from May 2022
  • Belgian passport holders don’t need to show negative Covid-19 test when entering Vietnam from May 2022
  • Belgian passport holders don’t need to show insurance when entering Vietnam from May 2022
  • Belgian passport holders don’t need to fill out the health declaration or PC Covid App when entering Vietnam from May 2022

Belgian people just need to show passport + electronic visa for entry Vietnam right now. Passport must be valid more than 6 months from the entry day.

We just shared all information about urgent Vietnam electronic visa for Belgian passport holders as well as the way to expedite Vietnam electronic visa for Belgian and entry requirements for Belgian. If you need more information or you have any further information, just feel free to contact us through email info@vietnam-evisa.com