October 25, 2019
Visa On Arrival

2-Month Business Visa To Vietnam For American Passport Holders

Which Type Of Vietnam Visa Is Applicable For American Passport Holders To Be Able To Stay For More Than 2 Months With Business Purpose?

The most suitable kind of visa would be the one which has enough necessary functions you need: 

  • American passport holders
  • The length of stay: 2 months 
  • Business purpose 
  • Single or multiple entry

In order to easily choose, let’s see the below table: 


E-visa  Visa On Arrival
Eligibility 80 countries and 2 territories, included United State of America Every country in the world
Purpose Tourism and business Tourism and business
Number of entry Single entry Single or multiple entry
The length of stay 30 days 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months
Entry ports 8 international airports, 16 border gates and 9 sea ports 6 international airports


Following your needs, 3-month Visa On Arrival with business purpose would be the most suitable one. About E-visa, you can just use it to stay for not more than 30 days. The following table will show you the fee of 3-month visa with business purpose:


The length of stay Visa application fee Visa stamp fee on arrival
3 months with single entry 85 USD 25 USD
3 months with multiple entry 90 USD 50 USD

In addition, the application process is so easy and express. Every step will be completed via online through the website https://www.vietnam-evisa.com/apply/  and the approval letter will be sent to you via email. Then you can use it for boarding the airplane and getting the visa stamp on arrival.


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