March 12, 2020
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Does Vietnam Government Suspend Visa Waiver Program For Russian? – Updated March 12th 2020

Today morning, March 12, 2020, the Government of Vietnam officially issued regulations with the cancellation of visa exemption policy for some countries. Accordingly, some countries in Europe will be suspended the visa waiver program (not required visa if staying for less than 15 days) according to a decree issued earlier years. Does this list include Russia? Can Russian citizens still enter Vietnam without a visa or must they apply for a visa to enter? which cases Russian citizens are prohibited from entering Vietnam?

Under the new Resolution No. 29 / NQ – CP just approved by the Vietnamese government, starting from 12 March 2020 00:00AM, the unilateral visa exemption policy for 8 countries will be canceled, including the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland. From this time on, citizens from these eight countries cannot enter Vietnam without a visa.

Another important thing, citizens from 8 countries mentioned above will not be able to apply for Vietnam visa since March 12, 2020. Thus, citizens from these 8 countries will only be able to enter Vietnam if they have had a visa before.

For Russian citizens, the visa exemption policy is still in place. Russian citizens can enter Vietnam without visa. At the same time, Russian citizens can still apply for visas to Vietnam during this period.

However, similar to the countries in Europe above, the visa exemption policy for Russian citizens can be stopped at any time, especially in a period where the disease is still complicated as it is today. Therefore, we strongly recommend Russian citizens who are intending to come to Vietnam to apply for a visa in advance, as a backup solution. Because if the visa exemption policy is suspended, Russian citizens can still enter Vietnam if they had a visa before.

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Cases of Russian nationality are prohibited from entering Vietnam

Up to now, March 12, 2020, Russian citizens will be banned from entry or quarantine for 14 days when entering Vietnam if:

– From countries affected by diseases such as China, Korea, Japan, Iran and Italy.

– There are manifestations of the disease such as: High fever, cough, sore throat. Or positive tested with the virus.

– Other cases can enter normally.