March 12, 2020
Visa Information

March 12, 2020: Does Russian Citizens Need Visa To Enter Vietnam During The Coronavirus Outbreak?

If you want to travel to Vietnam but do not know whether the visa policy for Russian citizens during the epidemic phase has changed or not, please refer to the latest updates below. The article will tell you whether Russian citizens need to apply for a visa when entering Vietnam or not, and the specific requirements for visas as well as Vietnam entry procedures for Russians.

Previously, Russian citizens entering Vietnam with a stay of less than 15 days will not need to apply for a visa. However, with the extremely complex fluctuations of the disease in recent times, this policy may be changed.

Up to now, 12/3/2020, Russian citizens on entry into Vietnam are still exempt from visa for 15 days. That means you do not need to apply for a visa when entering Vietnam. However, this policy is likely to be canceled in the near future, so you should apply for a visa to avoid unnecessary risks.

This morning, the visa exemption policy for citizens from 8 European countries has been suspended, including the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. With the current situation of rapid spread of Virus in Europe, Russia is likely to be the next country to lose its visa exemption to Vietnam.

Although the Vietnam visa exemption policy for Russians may be stopped, Russians still can apply for a visa to enter Vietnam. To apply for a Vietnam visa, the Russians just need to click on the following link and fill in the online visa application form. After 2 working days, the visa will be sent to the visa applicant’s email.

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