March 5, 2022
Vietnam Embassy 2022

[Vietnam Embassy 2022] Does Nauru Have Vietnam Embassy? Ways To Apply Vietnam Visa In Nauru 2022

Vietnam have many embassy offices in the world, but is there a Vietnam embassy in Nauru? We will study all information about address of Vietnam embassy in Nauru as well as the ways to get Vietnam visa in Nauru. These information is latest updated according to Vietnamese immigration’s update.

1/ Information about Vietnam embassy in Nauru – Does Nauru have Vietnam embassy?

Although Vietnam set up many embassy offices in many countries, but there is no embassy of Vietnam in Nauru. Those who want to directly contact to Vietnam embassy must come to nearby countries which have Vietnam embassy or contact Vietnam consulate.

Vietnam consulate have the same functions and duties as Vietnam embassy, so Vietnamese people and Nauru’s citizens can also come to Vietnam consulate to process consular services such as:

  • Apply new Vietnamese passport, renew expiry Vietnamese passport
  • consular legalization of documents
  • Apply Vietnam visa for Nauru’s people and foreigners

Is there Vietnam consulate in Nauru?

Currently Nauru does not have any office of Vietnam consulate as well.

For those who want to process the consulate legalization, apply new passport, you can come to Vietnam embassy Vietnam consulate in nearby country. You can check with us through email to know which country has Vietnam embassy and consulate.

For those who want to apply Vietnam visa, you can apply Vietnam visa online.

2/ Ways to apply Vietnam visa in Nauru – Applying Vietnam visa online

Although there are no embassy and consulate of Vietnam in Nauru, Nauru’s citizens and foreigners living in Nauru can easily apply Vietnam visa by submitting the visa application on the internet. There are two ways to get Vietnam visa from Nauru: Applying Vietnam e-visa and applying Vietnam visa on arrival.

How to apply Vietnam e-visa in Nauru?

Vietnam e-visa is approved by Vietnam government from 2017 and there are 82 countries and territories are eligible to apply Vietnam e-visa now, including Nauru. Vietnam e-visa can be used to enter Vietnam at airports, land borders and seaports for a period of maximum 30 days with single entry only.

Nauru’s passport holders and the foreigners living in Nauru can apply Vietnam e-visa through a few simple steps:

1, Click here to access the Vietnam e-visa application form

2, Fill in all required information as well as upload passport scan + digital photo

3, Submit the e-visa application and wait for the result

Vietnam e-visa is normally approved within 2 working days. After processing, e-visa will be sent to your email. You need to recheck the information, print it out, and save another copy on your cellphone. At the entry date, you just need to show this e-visa and your passport to the immigration officer.

How to apply Vietnam visa on arrival in Nauru?

Vietnam visa on arrival is granted at Vietnamese airports when you arrive. This type of visa allows you to enter Vietnam from 1 month to 3 months for both single or multiple entry. You can get Vietnam visa on arrival even when you are in Nauru.

While you can get Vietnam e-visa 100% online, you need to pass through two step to get Vietnam visa on arrival.

Step 1: Apply visa approval letter online

Visa approval letter is an official document which allows you to get visa on arrival. If you do not have this letter before coming to Vietnam, you are not allowed to boarding the airplane.

In order to get Vietnam visa approval letter, you have to submit visa application form online as below:

1, Click here to access the Vietnam visa approval letter application form

2, Fill in all required information

3, Submit the visa application and wait for the result

Visa approval letter is also approved within 2 working days. You need to print it out and bring it with your passport.

Step 2: Get visa on arrival at Vietnamese airports

After landing at Vietnamese airport, you should find the “visa on arrival counter”. This is where your visa will be issued. You will be asked to submit: original passport + visa approval letter + 2 photos 3×4 cm + entry & exit form.

The immigration officer will check all documents and then issue visa for you. At that time, you can enter Vietnam.

We just studied about information about Vietnam embassy and Vietnam consulate in Nauru as well as the ways to apply Vietnam visa in Nauru, including applying Vietnam e-visa and visa on arrival. We hope this information is helpful for you. In case you have any question about Vietnam embassy and visa application procedures, you can contact us 24/7 through email