January 1, 2020

Who is eligible for e-Visa Vietnam

Latest Update: From 15 August 2023, All countries can apply Vietnam E-Visa. The online application system was opened for all nationalities and they can apply Vietnam E-visa through this link.

Please note that not all foreigners are eligible for Vietnam e-Visa. Only the citizens of these following countries are eligible for Vietnam e-Visa:

According to Decree No. 07/2017/ND-CP, citizens of the following 40 countries can apply for a Vietnamese electronic visa from Jan 2017:

Argentina Czech Republic Kazakhstan Romania
Armenia Germany Korea (South) Russia
Azerbaijan Denmark Luxembourg Slovakia
Bulgaria Finland Myanmar Spain
Belarus France Mongolia Sweden
Brunei Greece Norway Timor-Leste
Chile Hungary Panama Uruguay
China * Ireland Peru United Kingdom
Colombia Italy Philippines United States
Cuba Japan Poland Venezuela

* Not apply to Chinese e-passport holders (passport number begin with “E”)

For your reference, please see official release from the government, dated Jan 2017.

According to Resolution 124 in November 2017, an additional six countries are accepted to Vietnam e-visa program:


According to Decree No. 17/2019/ND-CP, 35 more countries and territories are added to E-visa program from February 2019:

Austria Croatia Moldova China **
Iceland Estonia Montenegro Vanuatu
Belgium Fiji Nauru Samoa
Portugal Georgia Palau Serbia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Latvia Papua New Guinea Slovenia
Brazil Lithuania Marshall Islands
Qatar Malta Salomon Islands
Andorra Macedonia San Marino
Liechtenstein Micronesia Cyprus
Monaco Mexico Switzerland

** Applicable to Hong Kong and Macau passport holders

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