July 22, 2022
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Vietnam Visa For Indians Flying From Hyderabad to Da Nang 2022 – Vietnam Visa For Indians In Hyderabad to Da Nang

Flying from Hyderabad to Da Nang was a complicated route in the past, but it is changed right now. With new flight route of Vietjet Air (Vietnam low-cost carrier), Indians can make the trip from Hyderabad to Da Nang in just 5 hours. For Indians who wishing to travel to Da Nang from Hyderabad, this article will be useful because we will make clear all visa requirements for Indians as well as the ways to get Vietnam visa for Indians in Hyderabad.

1/ Vietnam visa requirements for Indians flying from Hyderabad to Da Nang 2022

There is a big demand of Indians travelling from Hyderabad to Da Nang, so whether Indians in Hyderabad are required a Vietnam visa when entering Da Nang?

In fact, Vietnam offers visa exemption 30 days for Indians who travel directly to Phu Quoc island. This visa free policy if only used for Indians who travel to Phu Quoc with a flight which does not transit in any other domestic airports in Vietnam, and the stay is less than 30 days. Moreover, Indians with visa exemption stamp cannot travel to other places in Vietnam, just only Phu Quoc island.

For Indians flying from Hyderabad to Da Nang, visa is a must. Vietnam visa must be obtained before the airplane in Hyderabad take off because airlines staff will check visa before letting Indian visitors boarding.

Indians from Hyderabad can apply Vietnam visa online easily to fly to Da Nang airport, Da Nang. See the details below.

2/ How to apply Vietnam Visa For Indians Flying From Hyderabad to Da Nang 2022

If an Indian living in Hyderabad wish to visit Da Nang, he/she has to prepare a valid visa to enter Da Nang airport. There is three ways to get Vietnam visa for Indian citizens in Hyderabad to fly to Da Nang:

  • Get Vietnam Visa from Vietnam embassy/consulate in India: There is a Vietnam embassy in New Delhi and a Vietnam consulate office in Mumbai which Indian citizens can come to submit the visa application form. Vietnam embassy/consulate is the authentic place for Vietnam visa application. Indian citizens of Hyderabad who want to apply visa Vietnam, first will have to go to the nearest Vietnam embassy and submit visa application form. Entire procedure may take 5-7 working days. And after that Indian applicant can visit embassy/consulate to collect the visa or use postal service to obtain it.
  • Get Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian citizens in Hyderabad: Visa on arrival is the visa collected at Da Nang airport when Indians arrive Da Nang. It is also the convenient option for Indians who are in Hyderabad because Indians just need to apply online for the visa approval letter before flying from Hyderabad. After arriving at Da Nang airport, Indians will get official visa there.
  • Vietnam e-Visa online application for Indian citizens in Hyderabad: Indians can apply E-visa online and use this visa to enter Da Nang from Hyderabad. The advantage of this way is, Indian passport holders do not need to move far away to submit visa application. All procedure will be processed online, and visa will be sent to Indian applicant’s email after 3 working days.

All these three types of visa can be used to enter Da Nang airport from Hyderabad for Indians. Indians have to well prepare the visa before taking the flight from Hyderabad to Da Nang.

3/ Guidance of Vietnam visa application procedures for Indians in Hyderabad 2022

As mention above, at present, there are up to 3 ways to obtain a Vietnam visa for Indians, consisting of:

  • Obtain the visa at Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in India;
  • Obtain the Vietnam visa on arrival.
  • Obtain an e-visa (it is good for less than 30 days of stay with single entry).

While the visa on arrival is temporary difficult to apply due to COVID 19, visa at the embassy take time and have to travel far away to submit application, E-visa is the best choice for Indians in Hyderabad. We will focus on this option so that Indians can easily apply it online.

Requirements for applying Vietnam e-visa for Indians in Hyderabad 2022

Vietnam E-visa is good for Indians who visit Vietnam less than 30 days of stay with single entry. This visa is totally applied online, so Indians in Hyderabad can process it without having to coming to any other places.

The conditions for Indian passport holders in Hyderabad to be granted Vietnam e-visa according to the Vietnamese laws:

  • Indian applicants are outside of Vietnam, enter the Vietnam via 37 accepted entry gates; including Da Nang airport.
  • Indians hold a valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months following the arrival date to Vietnam;
  • Indians not being blacklisted due to violation of Vietnamese laws in the past;
  • Indians not failing into the cases of suspension from entry prescribed in Article 21 of Law on foreigners’ entry into, exit from, transit through, residence in Vietnam.

How to apply Vietnam e-visa for Indians in Hyderabad 2022

Indian applicants in Hyderabad satisfied above regulations can make an application for Vietnam e-visa to fly to Da Nang. Indian citizens will need to follows 3 steps below:

Step 1: Complete the online application form for Vietnam e-visa. A passport scan and recent taken portrait are required. The photos must be stored in less than 2MB file of JPG or PNG format. The portrait must be taken within 6 months, straight looking with no glasses and plain background;

Step 2: Pay the service fee with credit/debit card and get the application code;

Step 3: Get visa through email after 3 working days of process. Then print off e-visa and bring a hard copy along with passport to get on the plane and get entry permit at the entry gates.

Notice about Vietnam e-visa for Indians entering Da Nang

Obviously, e-visa is an improvement in many ways for a better visa service of Vietnam. It’s legal, convenient with easy to follow procedures but there are just some small difficulties of e-visa Indians should be aware of:

  • There is only 30 days and single entry option is available on e-visa system. If Indians need to stay longer in Vietnam, they must do visa run by going to Laos, Cambodia, Thailand or any 3rd countries.
  • The processing time of Vietnam e-visa for Indians is 3 business days. For urgent case, Indians can request express service to expedite the process
  • Indians have to determine the entry ports before making an e-visa application. It is not possible to change the entry ports after getting an e-visa.
  • Indians cannot change the information on e-visa after it is issued. So that, it’s suggested for Indians to check the visa information carefully to ensure there is no mistake.
  • Indians can’t extend the e-visa in this period

This is the end of the post of Vietnam visa for Indian flying from Hyderabad to Da Nang. To sum up, Indians need a visa when entering Vietnam through Da Nang airport, and it’s recommended for Indians to apply Vietnam e-visa online before taking the trip. In case you have any further question, just let us know through email info@vietnam-evisa.com