March 15, 2020
visa extension

Vietnam Visa Extension During Coronavirus Outbreak – How To Extend Vietnam Visa Without Leaving Vietnam?

The nCovid epidemic is truly becoming a global threat. On March 15, the Vietnamese government decided to stop issuing new visas for all nationalities, stop accepting visas at the border, and stop granting visas at airports. This means that there will be no way to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam, from March 15 until having new notice. For those who have entered Vietnam and want to extend their stay, it is impossible to make a visa run like before, because once you have left Vietnam, you cannot enter again. Therefore, visa extension is the best option. So, how can you extend your visa during current epidemic?

Although the issuance of new visas has been temporarily banned, visitors who entered before March 15 can extend their visas to legally stay in Vietnam until the epidemic is controlled. Currently the visa extension is only available in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City, and must apply through a travel agency or visa agent. The procedure for making a visa extension will be a bit more difficult when applicants must provide their current address and travel history within the last 14 days. However, the application document only includes the original passport. The visa agent will help you carry out the necessary procedures to apply for a visa extension.

The process of applying for a visa extension usually lasts 5 – 7 days. You can apply when the visa is about to expire, or as soon as the visa is expired. However, absolutely do not let the visa expire then applying for an extension, this will make you more likely to be denied and forced to leave Vietnam.

To apply for your visa extension, you need to contact the visa agent and check if the type of visa you have can be extended. You can contact by phone or email before coming to the agent’s office to avoid wasting time. You can email to ask all questions about extending your visa (costs, procedures, types of visa can be extended, processing time, etc.). After receiving information from the agent, you can proceed to apply for an extension visa immediately.

You need special note, Vietnam visa policy has changed a lot during the period of epidemic nCovid-19. You should contact the agent to check the information and proceed to extend the visa as soon as possible, because visa policies are subject to change at any time. Once the visa extension is banned, there is no way to extend your stay.


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