February 24, 2022
2022 Update

Vietnam Resumes Visa Application For Algerian From March 2022 | Vietnam Visa For Algerian 2022

Vietnam government approved to open tourism industry and resumed visa application for all nationalities as it was before Covid-19. Algerians now can apply Vietnam visa easily through online application website or through Vietnam embassy.

Resumption of Vietnam visa application for Algerians 2022

Due to Covid-19, Vietnam visa application has been suspended from March 2020. At that time, all nationalities have no way to process visa, even for any purposes. Vietnam visa application for Algerian passport holders was also stopped from March 2020. Even coming to Vietnam embassy or going through online application system, Algerians cannot apply visa.

From February 15, 2022, Vietnam Prime Minister has approved the proposal to open the borders and welcome international tourists again. International flights are resumed, visa exemption policy is resumed, and visa application is resumed.

Algerian passport holders can apply Vietnam visa from March 2022 and enter Vietnam through international airports, land borders or seaports. All types of Vietnam visas are resumed for Algerians now, so Algerians can choose the suitable one and submit the application.

Procedures to apply Vietnam visa for Algerians 2022

Algerians can apply Vietnam visa in many ways in 2022. They can directly come to Vietnam embassy to submit visa application’s documents or submit visa application form online. However, online application seems to be the better way because Algerians do not need to go to anywhere and do not need to prepare a lot of documents for submission.

In order to apply Vietnam visa online, Algerians only need to access the visa application link online, filling out the required information such as personal information, trip’s information, and then submitting it. Visa application online for Algerians is normally processed in 2 working days, and the visa will be sent to applicant’s email.

Although Vietnam already lifted entry restriction and reissued visa for foreigners, Algerians also need to follow the entry requirements to meet the Covid-19 prevention’s:

  • Algerians need to bring vaccine certificate (2 doses or above)
  • A Covid-19 negative test must be done 72 hours before boarding time
  • Visa approval must be showed before boarding time.

In order to know more about Vietnam visa application for Algerians in 2022, you also can contact us through email info@vietnam-evisa.com . We will reply your inquiry ASAP.