January 30, 2021
Vietnam Visa In Covid-19

Vietnam Resume Business Visa For Sweden Citizens 2021 – Procedures To Get Vietnam Business Visa During Covid-19 Period

With desire to develop the economy during pandemic, Vietnam government has reissued business visa to many countries around the world, including Sweden. Currently Sweden citizens can apply business visa to enter Vietnam for working or business purposes. In this article, we will cover in detail the procedures to get business visa to Vietnam for Swedish, as well as the required documents, detailed steps, and so on.

1/ Vietnam re-issues business visas to Sweden citizens in pandemic

Since September 2020, with good disease control, Vietnam government has decided to reopen some international routes, and reissue business visa to individuals entering for working, investment or business purposes. Among these countries, it includes Sweden.

The business visa is issued as a 3-month single entry visa, valid for single entry only, and valid for 3 months. Upon expiration of the above period, the visa applicant can apply to extend the stay for another 3 months.

Business visas are only granted by the Vietnamese government to experts, investors, high-tech workers, managers, entrepreneurs, etc. who enter Vietnam for the purpose of work and business. For other purposes (traveling, visiting relatives, etc.), entry is not yet allowed.

2/ Procedures and documents necessary to apply business visa to enter Vietnam for Swedish in Covid-19 period

To apply for a Vietnam business visa, Sweden citizens need to be sponsored by a company in Vietnam. This company will sponsor your business trip, sign the necessary documents to apply for visa at the competent authority. Without a sponsor, you cannot apply visa during this period.

At the same time, you also need to go through a travel agent to apply visa. According to request of Vietnam Immigration Department, foreigners who want to enter Vietnam during this pandemic must have two types of documents: “visa approval letter” issued by the Immigration Department and “entry permit” issued by the People’s Committee of the province where the guarantee company is located.

The visa agent will contact the sponsor company directly and get signatures for the required documents, then submit directly to the People’s Committee of the province and Immigration Department to get approval for the entry visa. friend. Once approved, you will be allowed to receive your visa at international airports in Vietnam upon arrival.

Note: During the current Covid-19 period, Vietnam government only allows receiving visas at the Vietnamese airport or at the embassy / consulate when there are “entry permits” and “visa approval letter”. You cannot apply visa directly at the embassy / consulate like before.

The processing time for obtaining the above two documents is 30-35 days, and urgent visa applications are not allowed during this period. So, if you need to go to Vietnam for business, you need to prepare for your trip as soon as possible.

Medical and quarantine regulations after entry:

To be allowed to enter Vietnam, Swedish need to be tested for virus 3-5 days before boarding the plane. Testing should be performed using Real-Time PCR method by the authorized organization.

After entering the airport, you will be checked your temperature and taken to a quarantined hotel by a specialized vehicle. The required quarantine period is 15 days. During quarantine, you will be able to take a sample for virus testing 2 times. If the test is negative for the Corona virus, you may end the quarantine and out of the quarantine area.

Currently Vietnam government requires all foreign businessmen to be quarantined at designated hotels. The quarantine hotel must be located in the province where you are entering or where the sponsor is located. Quarantine hotels must be booked prior to boarding.

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