January 30, 2021
Vietnam Visa In Covid-19

Vietnam Resume Business Visa For Jordan Passport Holders 2021 – Procedures To Get Vietnam Business Visa During Covid-19 Period

One of the questions we get the most recently is: “Has Vietnam re-issued visas to Jordanian people?” Or “Can Jordanian citizens apply visa to enter Vietnam during the Covid-19 period?”. In this article, we will provide the most up-to-date information on Vietnam visa policy for Jordanian people and procedures to apply Vietnam business visa during the pandemic.

1/ Can Jordanian citizens apply visa to Vietnam during the Covid-19 epidemic?

After pandemic outbreak in 2020, Vietnam government stopped issuing visas to all countries. At that time, Jordanian citizens as well as other countries could not apply for any kind of visa to enter Vietnam. Vietnam government has suspended international flights, tightened immigration policies, stopped issuing visas, to control the pandemic.

In the current year 2021, with good disease control, Vietnam government has now allowed the reopening of international routes, and reissue business visas to individuals entering for working/comercial purpose. Accordingly, experts, investors, managers, businessmen, skilled workers, etc. can apply visas to enter Vietnam during the epidemic period, of course including Jordan.

However, other types of visas (tourist visas, visiting relatives, etc.) are still pending. Vietnam is still not open to welcome tourists back like before. If you want to enter Vietnam during this period, you can only apply business visa to come to Vietnam.

The Vietnam business visa for Jordanian citizens is now a one-time entry visa, valid for 3 months. You cannot apply for a multiple entry visa and apply for a long-term visa. To stay longer for business purposes, you can extend your stay for another 3 months after entering.

2/ How to apply business visa to enter Vietnam for Jordanian people 2021

Vietnam Government currently encourages businessmen, investors, experts, skilled workers, etc. to enter the country to develop the economy. However, the government also strictly controls immigration to make sure the pandemic doesn’t spread. Therefore, the visa application policy and immigration procedures will be much more complicated than before.

Jordanian citizens need a sponsor company in Vietnam to apply visa. This company will sponsor your trip, sign commitment documents, papers related to visa application and disease management. These documents will be submitted to the Immigration Department and the People’s Committee of the province where the sponsoring company is located to apply visa for you.

For visa applicants, you only need to provide passport photo + business license of the sponsor company. The remaining necessary documents will be prepared by the visa agent.

Processing time to get “entry permit” and “visa approval letter” is 30-35 days. You should plan your trip early and contact the sponsor company early to sign the relevant documents.

Each province will have different rules about the documents needed for the “entry permit” review. Depending on which province the sponsor is located in, the detailed documents will vary. To receive accurate information, please contact us via email info@vietnam-evisa.com .

After being approved, you need to book an air ticket, an isolated hotel room, a quarantine vehicle, and register for isolation at the quarantine center. All are mandatory requirements when entering Vietnam. Without the above booking confirmation, you will not be allowed boarding. Also, you will need to be tested negative for Covid 3-5 days before traveling to Vietnam.

We, with more than 10 years of experience in visas, are honored to serve you on your upcoming business trip to Vietnam. We provide single or package services to apply visa and enter Vietnam including: “entry permit”, “visa approval letter”, isolation registration, airline tickets, quarantine hotels, transport vehicle to quarantine hotels, etc. All services are designed in accordance with the actual work needs of customers. With specific cases, we will give the most suitable advice to easily and quickly get a visa to Vietnam in this epidemic period. Do not hesitate to contact us via email: info@vietnam-evisa.com to get detailed information.