January 30, 2021
Vietnam Visa In Covid-19

Vietnam Resume Business Visa For India Passport Holders 2021 – Procedures To Get Vietnam Business Visa During Covid-19 Period

With the well-controlled Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam is becoming an ideal destination for investors. Many entrepreneurs are looking to Vietnam for business investment. At the same time, with the desire to promote economic development during the pandemic period, Vietnam government is reopening to attract experts, businessmen, high-tech specialists, and so on to come to work, including India. So, what is process to apply visa to Vietnam for India people? How long does it take to process? And what documents are needed?

1/ Vietnam business visa is officially reissued to India passport holders

In March 2020, due to fear of widespread pandemic diseases, Vietnam government stopped issuing visas to all countries, including India. Foreigners, for any reason of entry, cannot apply visa during this period.

In September 2020, Vietnam government began to reopen the country, but only experts, investors, entrepreneurs, skilled workers, managers, etc., were allowed to apply for Visa and entry to Vietnam for commercial purposes. India passport holders also from this period can apply business visa to enter Vietnam.

Until now (2021), Vietnam has not re-issued tourist visas and other visas to foreigners. Only issue business visas for entry for work, investment and commercial purposes. However, in order to apply for this visa type, the visa applicant must have a sponsor company in Vietnam. This company plays the role of inviting and sponsoring visa applicants to come to Vietnam to work/do business at their company.

India people can now contact us to proceed with visa application. The visa application process is currently relatively long (30-35 days) with high costs and more complicated procedures than in the past. At the same time when entering, it is necessary to quarantine for 15 days.

2/ Specific requirements to apply Vietnam business visa for India people in Covid-19

The current Vietnam business visa for India citizens is a 3-month visa. This visa allows you to enter once time, valid for 3 months. You need to have a company in Vietnam to sign guarantee papers and visa application forms. If you do not have sponsor company, you will not be able to apply visa to Vietnam during this period.

India citizens need to prepare passport photo + business license of the sponsor company and email it to us. We will prepare all the necessary documents to submit to the provincial people’s committee and immigration department. These documents are relatively complicated and must be prepared and submitted in Vietnam.

After getting “entry permit” and “visa approval letter” – two documents required to enter Vietnam, we will email you. You just need to print it out, then attach 2 photos 3x4cm, and prepare 25 USD stamp fee to receive visa at the airport. You will also need to reserve airline ticket, quarantine hotel, car transfer to the quarantine hotel, and be tested negative for virus to be allowed onboard.

After arriving at the airport, immigration staff will paste the visa into your passport. You will then be taken to the quarantine hotel by a specialized vehicle. You can select a quarantine hotel from the list of hotels allowed by the government.

In addition to immigration services, we also provide isolation hotel services for you. We will book the hotel, shuttle bus, virus test at the hotel and register for isolation at the disease control center as required by the Health Ministry. If you need any additional assistance during the quarantine, we will give you the best service.

Procedures for applying visa and entering Vietnam are currently relatively complicated. So do not hesitate to contact us to get the most detailed advice via email: info@vietnam-evisa.com . We are available 24/7 to serve you.