January 30, 2021
Vietnam Visa In Covid-19

Vietnam Resume Business Visa For Citizens Of Finland – Procedures To Get Vietnam Business Visa During Pandemic Period 2021

Vietnam has now resumed international routes and allows businessmen, experts, managers, investors, high-tech workers, etc. to enter Vietnam to work/invest/do business. Among the countries allowed to enter Vietnam, is there Finland or not? Can Finland citizens now apply visa to enter Vietnam? And what is procedure to apply Vietnam business visa?

1/ Can Finland passport holders apply Vietnam business visa during Covid-19 period?

In March 2020, Vietnam Government decided to stop granting all types of Vietnam visa for all countries in the world. At the same time, entry is also prohibited for those with valid visas, temporary residence cards, visa exemption cards, and APEC cards. As a result, people from Finland in particular and other countries in general cannot enter Vietnam.

However, from September 2020, Vietnam government has reopened commercial flights, also allows individuals to enter Vietnam for business, working and investment purposes in a short time period. These objects include businessmen, experts, managers, investors, high-tech workers, etc. guaranteed by a sponsor company in Vietnam.

All businessmen in the world, including Finland passport holders, who meet pandemic prevention requirements can apply for a business visa to enter Vietnam. This visa will be valid for 3 months, and is allowed single entry. In case of need to work in Vietnam longer, Finland citizens can apply for a visa extension for another 3 months after entering.

2/ Procedures for applying Vietnam business visas for Finland people in the disease period 2021

To control the pandemic, Vietnam government is still tightening immigration controls. Procedures for visa application and immigration process are also more complicated than before.

To apply business visa to enter Vietnam, Finland citizens must first have a sponsor company in Vietnam. This is the company you will come to work/invest in/do business with. This company must ensure that your trip is a business trip, and undertakes in writing to cover all costs in case you become infected with Covid-19.

Finland businessmen need to contact the sponsor company in Vietnam to apply visa. At the same time, you also need a visa agent to carry out the procedures related to applying for “entry permit” and “visa approval letter” – these documents are required when entering Vietnam.

To apply for a visa to Vietnam in the Covid-19 period, Finland people must send the visa agent:

  • Passport photo (personal information page)
  • Business license of the sponsor company
  • Degree (if any)

Visa agent will contact the sponsor company to get signature and seal on the necessary documents. Then submit the application to the People’s Committee of the province where the sponsoring company is located as well as the Immigration Department. Once approved, the visa agent will send you by email.

During pandemic, quarantine is a mandatory requirement upon entry into Vietnam. The Vietnam Health Ministry currently requires all foreign businessmen to be isolated for 15 days at specifically designated hotels. During your hotel isolation, you will be taken virus test twice.

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