February 24, 2022
2022 Update

Vietnam Reopen Visa Online Application System For Icelandic From March 2022 | Procedure To Apply Vietnam Visa Online For Icelandic 2022

Vietnam has decided to reopen the country and attract foreign tourists back after a long period of closure to limit the spread of disease. International visitors including Icelandic have been able to apply Vietnam visa and enter from March 2022.

Vietnam online application system is opened again for Icelandic 2022

Vietnam’s online visa application system has been reopened, and Icelandic can easily apply visa to Vietnam for both tourism and commercial purposes.

Vietnam’s online visa application system includes electronic visa and visa on arrival. Both visas have reopened and will allow Icelandic passport holders to reapply in 2022.

With e-visa, Icelandic can visit Vietnam for a maximum period of 30 days with a single entry. While with visa on arrival, Icelandic can enter up to 90 days for multiple entries.

Along with the visa re-issuance, international flights to Vietnam have also been resumed. Immigration procedures have also been simplified to attract more tourists to Vietnam in 2022.

Process of applying Vietnam visa online for Icelandic 2022

In order to apply Vietnam visa through the internet 2022, Icelandic need to follow these steps:

1/ Visit the link to apply Vietnam visa online for Icelandic 2022

2/ Select the appropriate type of visa and fill in the necessary information

3/ Review and confirm information, then submit visa request

After about 2 days of processing, visa will be sent to the email registered in online visa application form. Icelandic need to print out this visa, bring it along with their passport and necessary documents related to vaccine certificate and negative test. On the day of entry to Vietnam, Immigration Department officer will check all these documents and allow entry.

For more details on immigration and visa procedures for Icelandic in 2022, you can contact us directly via email info@vietnam-evisa.com