February 24, 2022
2022 Update

Vietnam Reissues Visa For Philippine From March 2022 | Vietnam E-visa and Visa On Arrival For Philippine 2022

After more than 2 years of continuously implementing policies to tighten entry and restrict travel to prevent Covid-19, many countries around the world have begun to reopen the borders, including Vietnam. Vietnamese government has issued new regulations on reopening the tourism industry and welcoming international visitors back from March 2022.

Issuance of Vietnam visa for Philippine 2022

Along with increasing the frequency of flights to countries around the world, Vietnam has restored visa policy for most countries, including Philippine. Vietnam Immigration Department has officially allowed Philippine to apply visa to enter Vietnam from March 15, 2022, including visas at embassies and consulates, or e-visa, or visa on arrival.

Vietnamese government has approved to re-issue visas for Philippine, and Philippine can come to Vietnam normally after more than 2 years of being unable to come to Vietnam because of Covid-19.

Vietnam e-visa for Philippine 2022

The e-visa system has been reopened for Philippine in 2022. With e-visa, Philippine passport holders can enter Vietnam for up to 30 days for both tourism and business purposes.

Procedures for applying Vietnam e-visa for Philippine in 2022 will also return to the same time as before the pandemic. All processes will be done online through the electronic visa application system easily and quickly. Philippine only need to prepare a scanned copy of their passport and a clear photo of themselves to upload to the visa application system. The visa approval process will take about 2-3 working days, and the e-visa file will be sent to the applicant’s email in PDF format.

Vietnam e-visa allows Philippine citizens to enter Vietnam by air, land and sea. At the time of entry, the Immigration Department officer will check the e-visa and passport, compare it with the information on the system, and check the documents related to the Covid-19 vaccination, then allow you to enter.

Vietnam visa on arrival for Philippine 2022

Along with the e-visa policy, Visa on arrival for Philippine citizens is also reissued by Vietnamese government in 2022. Philippine need to apply for an approval letter before entering Vietnam by filling out the online visa application form. After about 2 working days, the approval letter will be sent to the applicant’s email.

For visa on arrival, Philippine passport holders are only allowed to enter Vietnam via air. And when entering the country, Philippine need to present the following documents:

  • Original passport
  • Visa approval letter
  • 2 pictures in 3x4cm
  • Vaccine certificate according to the regulations of Vietnamese government

With visa on arrival, Philippine citizens can get single or multiple entry, with valid period from 1 month to 3 months.


Good news for all Philippine passport holders: Vietnam has reopened tourism and re-issued e-visa for Philippine from March 15, 2022. Philippine passport holders can now apply e-visa online and travel …