February 21, 2022
2022 Update

Vietnam Electronic Visa Application For American Has Been Resumed From March 15, 2022 | Vietnam E-visa For American

Vietnam has allowed the foreign tourists to come back from March 15, 2022 and restored visa policies as before Covid-19. Accordingly, Americans can apply Vietnamese electronic visa now.

Vietnam electronic visa for Americans is reopened from March 2022

Before Covid-19 pandemic, there were 82 countries and territories accepted to apply Vietnam E-visa. However, it was suspended from March 2020 due to dangerous pandemic. At that time, Vietnam government suspended most of visa application, included electronic visa and visa on arrival. Americans, as a result, could not apply visa to come to Vietnam in the past two years.

According to the latest announcement from Vietnam Immigration Department, Vietnamese electronic visa policy is resumed for all eligible country. Foreign visitors, included American can apply Vietnam E-visa right now. With Vietnam E-visa, Americans can easily apply and get visa before coming to Vietnam.

Vietnam tourist E-visa for Americans 2022 – required documents and application procedure

Vietnam electronic tourist visa (or tourist E-visa) is visa which is applied and granted online through visa application system for foreign tourists. Americans can submit the application form and get 30-day visa for single entry. This 30 day entry visa can be extended inside Vietnam to prolong the stay to another 30 days depending on the trip.

In order to apply Vietnam tourist E-visa in 2022, American passport holders need to submit two digital documents: passport biographical page and personal photo. The visa online application system is available now and Americans can access it to submit the application form. Vietnam tourist E-visa for Americans is normally processed within 2 working days, and the result will be sent to applicant’s email as a PDF’s attachment. Vietnam E-visa will include information of the applicant, entry date, exit date, entry place and exit place, so make sure all information you provide when filling out the application form is correct.

Vietnam business E-visa for Americans 2022 – required documents and application procedure

For Americans who come to Vietnam for business purpose, they should apply business E-visa. The business visa is granted for people who come for working or invest or doing business or attending meeting, etc. Americans can also access the visa online application system to apply Vietnam business E-visa. Required documents and procedures are the same as tourist E-visa, but Americans must declare the trip’s purpose is for business.

Applying business E-visa helps Americans not to prepare too much complicated documents. Americans do not need to move far away to submit visa application documents, all procedures will be done online.

However, validity of Vietnam business E-visa for Americans is also the same as tourist visa, maximum 1 month. If they want to stay longer, they should consider Visa On Arrival which helps them to get 3-month business visa.

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