July 8, 2022
Entry Ports

[Visa Enter Vietnam From Laos 2023] Which Type Of Visa Suitable For Entry Vietnam From Cha Lo Border

If you are in Laos and want to come to Vietnam through border crossing, Cha Lo border is a good choice. However, how can you deal with the visa problem? What type of visa accepted for Vietnam entry through Cha Lo border? How to apply Vietnam visa from Laos?

1/ What types of visa used for entry Vietnam through Cha Lo border?

After Covid-19 pandemic is better controlled, Vietnam granted visa again for foreigners. However, some types of visa are limited for approval. Furthermore, some types of visa are not accepted to enter Vietnam through Cha Lo border. So, which Vietnam visa is ok to use at Cha Lo landport?

In fact, Vietnam e-visa is the most used visa to do border run from Laos to Vietnam through Cha Lo border. It’s the single entry visa which is valid for 30 days. Not only Cha Lo border, the visa holders also can enter Vietnam through other land borders as well as airports.

2/ Vietnam e-visa for crossing the border from Laos to Vietnam

When applying Vietnam e-visa, you have to choose the entry port. This entry port will be shown in your e-visa and the immigration officer will check it before letting you enter Vietnam.

In order to enter Vietnam through Cha Lo border checkpoint, you must choose entry port as “Cha Lo landport”. When the e-visa is approved, it will show that you are allowed to enter Vietnam through “Cha Lo landport”.

Please note,

  • If you choose the wrong entry port, you cannot enter Vietnam through Cha Lo border. Therefore, please carefully select the right port.
  • when your e-visa is approved with entry port as Cha Lo border, you cannot use that visa to enter Vietnam through other ports.

3/ How to apply Vietnam e-visa for crossing Cha Lo border from Laos

Vietnam e-visa is applied online, so you can start the visa application anywhere in Laos. However, please make sure that you apply visa at least one week before arrival date.

In order to process Vietnam e-visa for crossing Cha Lo border, you should follow these below steps:

Step 1: Click on https://www.vietnam-evisa.com/apply/ to access e-visa application page

Step 2: Fill out all required information and choose “Cha Lo border” as entry port

Step 3: Attach passport + photo and make payment

It normally takes 3 working days to process Vietnam e-visa. After visa is approved, you will receive the e-visa approval via email. You need to print the e-visa to hard copy for convenience.

At Cha Lo border, you need to show original passport + hard copy of e-visa. After checking, the immigration officer will let you enter Vietnam. If you need any further information about Vietnam e-visa through Cha Lo border, you can check with us through email info@vietnam-evisa.com