January 27, 2021
Vietnam Visa In Covid-19

Procedures To Apply Vietnam Business Visa To Enter Vietnam During Covid-19 In 2021

Vietnam government has now reopened business visas to attract investors, experts, high-tech workers, businessmen, etc. to enter the country for economic development. However, the procedure to apply for Vietnam business visa is still quite complicated compared to before. In order for everyone to understand the process of applying Vietnam business visa for foreigners, along with immigration procedures and quarantine procedures in Vietnam, we would like to provide the details in this article.

1/ Information about business visa to enter Vietnam during pandemic

Currently Vietnam government grants only one type of visa for experts, investors, businessmen, directors, high-tech workers, etc. who enter Vietnam to work, which is business visas. This visa is a 3-month single entry visa, and it  allows the holders to enter only once, and is valid for 3 months.

Note: In addition to the above visa, all other visas are currently suspended. Due to concerns about the epidemic situation, Vietnam government is still tightening visa issuance and immigration. Tourist visas, relative visiting visas, etc. cannot be applied during this period.

Although Vietnam business visa has been allowed to reissue, the procedure to apply is currently quite complicated. During Covid-19 period, Vietnam business visas are only allowed at Vietnamese airports (with commercial routes) such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, and applying for approval letter prior to arrival is a must.

2/ Business visa application procedures to enter Vietnam in Covid-19 period

In order to apply for a Vietnam business visa during the pandemic, you need to have a company in Vietnam to sponsor your trip. This company will sign and seal the necessary documents to apply for visa approval. If you do not have sponsor company, you cannot apply for visa to Vietnam.

You just need to provide the passport photo and the business license of the sponsor company, then we will contact the company directly to get the signature and seal the necessary documents in visa application. These documents indicate that you will come to Vietnam for the purpose of working or doing business under the guarantee of this company.

Processing time to get visa approval letter is 30-35 days. After the above time, visa approval letter will be sent to your email address and you can book flight and quarantine hotel.

Note: Each province will have different rules before accepting your entry. Therefore, depending on the province in which the guarantee company is located, the necessary documents may change. For more information, please contact us via email info@vietnam-evisa.com

3/ Quarantine requirements and procedures to enter Vietnam in pandemic period

During the Covid-19 period, the government of Vietnam required all passengers to be quarantined for 15 days at designated hotels. You are required to quarantine in the province where you enter or in the province where your sponsoring company is located. You can choose from one of the government-approved hotels as quarantine accommodations for foreign arrivals.

Before entering Vietnam, you must have a negative certificate for Covid-19 3-5 days before your arrival date. You must also have all the documents proving that you are allowed to enter + quarantine services such as “visa approval letter” + “entry permit” + hotel booking + air ticket + booking car to transfer to quarantine hotel + quarantine registration at the disease control center, etc. Without any documents, you will not be able to board.

After arriving at the airport, the immigration officer will issue visa at the airport according to the information that you applied before. The disease control department will do a medical check, and you will be transported to the quarantine hotel. During the quarantine period, you will be under the prescribed virus test.