April 27, 2022
visa extension

Moc Bai Border Run Experience – Extending Vietnam E-visa by Border Run to Cambodia

Here below is the real experience from a customer who did border run from Moc Bai (Vietnam) – Bavet border (Cambodia). Those who want to extend e-visa can read the information for reference.

Note: He did the border run on April 2022. At that time, Vietnam immigration did not allow visa extension for E-visa. His e-visa is about to expire, so he decided to apply a new visa with us, then crossed the border from Vietnam to Cambodia, and then re-enter Vietnam with the new E-visa. By this way, he renewed his visa and he had another 30 days visa.

My experience for doing border run at Moc Bai border:

I applied E-visa online through Vietnam-evisa.com, and I got the E-visa PDF document after 2 days via email.

I took the covid test at District 1 Hospital, the one in front of the pink church. I was the only one, took the test in 1 minute, came back after 1 hour for the result. 80k

I drove to Moc Bai with my motorbike, the road is pretty good. You can get a drink at the coffee shop near the border and they will let you park it there.

I entered the building and went straight to the officer. I gave him passport and current visa. He asked for ”coffee money” 500k, i gave him 200k, he was okay with that. Went through.

5 minutes walk to cambodia immigration, watch out for the trucks!

Outside the main building, there is a little office, knock and ask for a visa. They will give you a yellow paper to fill. Don’t waste time asking for a pen there, they won’t give you one, head inside the main building on the left, there is a table and pens. Also another white form you need to fill there. Bring both forms back to the small office.

I had dollard 20$ and small notes 1,2$. They said they don’t accept those small notes. So i asked to pay in vnd, no problems, it’s 900k. I believe you can directly pay in vnd without any problem. I asked if they needed my photo for the passport, i had 4 of them, but they said no.

So no photos, no need to change money, you can spare around 150k.

I waited for a few minutes and they gave me my passport back. Entered the main building and you will have to fill again the same 2 forms, this time to enter the country. Once you have done that, go to the officer, give them documents, vaccine certificate, passport and they will let you in.

U turn and there is another small office outside, opposite side of the one you ask for the visa. I went there for the exit stamp.

Now you can go back to the vietnam side of the border. Watch out again for the trucks.

Wait in line, hand in passport, covid test, and visa (i had evisa) and guess what, coffee money again, this time i used the small notes of dollars I couldn’t use to pay cambodian visa, just 6 dollars were enough. Exit the place, last check from an officer sitting at a desk and you are free to go. I went there around 2pm and I didn’t have to wait for anyone, total time around 35-40 minutes.