November 28, 2021
Travel Tips

How to Connect Internet When Traveling to Vietnam – Wifi Access in Vietnam

Internet access is an extremely important issue while traveling abroad, especially for a new country like Vietnam. One of the questions that international tourists are most interested in when traveling to Vietnam is, does Vietnam have Wifi? And how to connect Wifi and access the internet when coming to Vietnam. In this article, we will give you all the information related to Wifi, Sim 3G, 4G, 5G and Internet connection in Vietnam.

1/ Does Vietnam have Internet?

Many tourists before coming to Vietnam still constantly go to tourism forums to ask, is there an internet in Vietnam? Is there Wifi in Vietnam? We would like to affirm that there is Wifi and Internet in Vietnam, and Internet quality in Vietnam is as good as other developed countries in the world.

Currently, technology companies in Vietnam are developing very strongly, and the Internet system has been covered almost all over the country. Only in some mountainous and remote areas, quality of the Internet will not be comparable to the urban areas.

Vietnamese people can access the Internet through the previously installed Wifi system, or through the 3G 4G 5G Sim integrated in the phone. For those who move a lot and need to use the Internet often, they often buy 4G or 5G Sims to connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere.

Internet networks in Vietnam can be used easily without restrictions on access. Social networks such as Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, etc. can all be accessed without being blocked. You can also access email, read newspapers, watch news, handle tasks, use Google Maps, etc. without any hindrance.

2/ How can I access the Internet in Vietnam?

Foreigners when traveling to Vietnam can connect to the Internet through 2 ways:

a/ Use Free Wifi in public services

In Vietnam, you can find Free Wifi in many public places, such as schools, hospitals, airports, Malls, and so on. Because these areas are often large, Wifi quality is sometimes unstable. And not all public areas have free Wifi.

Almost all restaurants, shops, utility services, and so on offer Free Wifi if you use their service. From large coffee shops to sidewalk cafes, large stores to small shops, you can find Wifi with great quality. The cost for a cup of coffee in Vietnam is only 1-2 USD, and you can sit in the cool air-conditioned space, enjoy music and use their free Wifi.

b/ Connect to the Internet in Vietnam via Sim 3G 4G 5G

Buying a Sim phone with Internet connection in Vietnam is very easy. The cost for a 4G Sim to use comfortably for 1 month costs only from 5 to 10 USD. If your phone has 2 SIM slots, you can keep 1 main phone Sim, and the other slot for 4G Sim purchased in Vietnam. With this 4G Sim, you can access the Internet more often anywhere.

3/ How to effectively use internet services when traveling to Vietnam

As mentioned above, foreign tourists can access the Internet in Vietnam easily via Wifi or 4G 5G sim. Depending on your usage needs, you can decide whether or not you should buy a 4G 5G sim.

a/ How to buy a 4G 5G sim when coming to Vietnam?

Most international tourists when coming to Vietnam buy themselves a 4G or 5G Sim for convenience. If you are traveling in a group or with a family, 2 or 3 people can share 1 Sim to save costs. Or if each member has the need to use the Internet and often do not go near each other, it is best for each member to buy a Sim.

The cost to buy a 4G 5G Sim in Vietnam is not high, falling in the range of 5 – 10 USD for one Sim. You can compare with the cost of buying a Vietnam 4G Sim in your country, if the cost of buying in your country is cheaper, you can buy it in advance.

Most foreign tourists often buy 4G 5G Sims at the airport when they have just landed in Vietnam. All international airports in Vietnam provide 4G 5G Sim sales service. You will see a lot of booths selling Sims here, and when buying, remember to note selection of the Sim you are looking to buy:

– In Vietnam, Mobiphone and Viettel are the two best 4G Sim service providers today. The quality of Internet access of these two carriers is similar if you only move in big cities. But if you plan to move to mountainous areas or rural areas, Viettel is the better choice.

– When buying a 4G 5G Sim, remember to ask clearly how much Internet access you can use, and at the same time ask clearly how long the SIM is valid for.

In addition to services that sell 4G 5G Sims at the airport, after entering the country, you can also buy Sims at mobile phone service counters in major cities. The cost of buying Sims at these mobile phone service counters may be a bit cheaper, but you will find it harder to find a place that provides service for foreigners than service at the airport.

b/ How to access Wifi at public services and shops, cafes

If your Internet usage is not very high, or if most of your travel group members have already bought a 4G 5G Sim, you can also skip the purchase of 4G Sim and use the free Wifi services. Accessing the Internet via free Wifi will be more inconvenient because when you have the need to use the Internet, there is not always Wifi around you.

Most restaurants (even small ones), Cafés, shops, commercial centers, convenience stores, etc. have Wifi. If you use their service, you just need to ask the staff what the wifi password is and use it freely. In case of urgent need to use Wifi, you should turn on the Wifi button on your device, then find out what Wifi networks are around you, and then find the place that provides that Wifi. You can ask the Wifi owner for permission to use Wifi because you are very urgent. Vietnamese people are very friendly and they are happy to help you.