July 29, 2020
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How Many Times Can I Apply For Visa Extension In Vietnam?

I already extended two times for my Vietnam visa, however I cannot leave to any other countries due to Covid 19. Can I extend my stay in Vietnam more? And how many time Vietnamese Government allows me to do for Vietnam visa extension?

It is one of the most concerned questions of our customers recent days. Due to Covid 19, or some personal reasons, or accidental reasons, some people cannot leave Vietnam on time as the expiry date of their visa. And visa extension is the good option to prolong their stay. However, how many times maximum for Vietnam visa extension? Can they extend their visa as much as they want or is there a limit for extension?

As current Vietnam Immigration Law, the foreigners who want to prolong their stay in Vietnam with legal reasons can do visa extension with no limitation. It means that they can extend many times as long as they want. When their visa is about to expire, they can submit the extension application to get another period of staying in Vietnam. The fee for processing visa extension depends on their current visa and how long they want to extend more. However, the documents for the second extension application will be more difficult than the first one.

For the second extension (as well as the third, etc.), they must provide the reason why they extend too many times, and must provide some related documents as Immigration requirement. The proof of hotel/logging house/apartment is a must. And documents to prove the purpose of stay is also required. For cases of working or businessmen, labor contract or business license will be asked.

In case of doing visa extension through a sponsored company, such as travel agency or visa agent, the documents will be simplified. For most cases, only passport is required.

The fee for the second extension is also a bit higher than the first one. And the third one is higher than the second one (but not too much).

In summary, the visitors who are getting stuck in Vietnam due to Covid 19 or any other reasons, or just want to prolong the stay, can extend their visa as many times as they want. Even the original visa is already expired, they can apply to get a 1-month visa extension, 3-month extension, 6-month extension, and then just extend the second time, the third time, and more to get approved for staying legally in Vietnam. The procedure of visa extension in the second time will take more time, more money and more complicated than the first one, especially in required documents, so it’s recommended to submit through a travel agency.

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