July 29, 2020
visa extension

How Long Can I Renew My Vietnam Visa?

Your current visa is going to expire soon, and you want to renew it to stay more in Vietnam. However, you don’t know how long can you renew your visa, and how to do it effectively. Don’t worry, here is your information!

Vietnam visa renewal is similar to visa extension (for the cases renewal without leaving Vietnam), however only eligible for a few case (depend on type of current visa). The maximum length of time you can renew your visa without leaving Vietnam is three months only. You can upgrade your current one-month visa to one or three months, or from change a single-entry visa to a multiple entry one. The cost for renewal is US$200 (one month, single), US$330 (three months, single) and US$350 (three months, multiple). These values are subject to change depending on your nationality.

Furthermore, Vietnam visa renewal can be done by applying a new visa, then exit an re-enter Vietnam. This type of visa renewal is much cheaper. The cost is US$6 (one month, single), US$15 (three months, single) and US$20 (three months, multiple). US$30 (six months, multiple) and US$50 (one year, multiple). For this type of visa renewal, you can get maximum one year visa (for US passport only) or maximum three months visa (for other nationalities).

Renewal Vietnam visa without leaving Vietnam is similar to extending your visa , which mean you will be able to stay longer in Vietnam without leaving. The duration of allowed extension/renewal will depends on the visa you have already obtained. For example, if your current visa is 1-month single entry tourist visa, you can ask for extension 15 days, 1 month, 2 months or three months single entry. You also can ask for renewal of 1 month or 3 months multiple entry tourist visa. In case you want to change from tourist visa to business visa, you must exit and re-enter with a new business visa.

Many agencies can help you deal with visa renewal and visa extension. This can also be done directly at the Immigration Department. Along with your application, you must submit copies of your passport bio page, current visa, immigration stamp, last date of entry, port of entry and details of your current accommodation(s) in Vietnam. Extension will take around five to seven working days.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to send an email through info@vietnam-evisa.com