January 2, 2021
Vietnam Visa Requirements

[Vietnam Free Visa 2021] Do Australian Citizens Need To Apply Visa To Enter Vietnam?

Nowadays, in order to enter Vietnam with business or tourism purpose, the way to apply for Vietnam visa has become much easier with convenient and fast process. Some countries are allowed to visit Vietnam without applying for visa and some countries will be required to have Vietnam visa before entering. 

For Australian citizens, Vietnam visa is not exempted. However, you will easily apply for it through many ways:

Online visa: 

  • Visa On Arrival allows Australian citizens to stay in Vietnam from 1 month to 3 months (depends on your purpose) with single or multiple entry. 6 – 12 months will be also accepted in case you will be staying as a temporary residence.
  • Electronic visa (E-visa) allows Australian citizen to stay in Vietnam for not more than 30 days with only single entry.

Offline visa: 

  • This is the tradition way which requires you to go to the Vietnam embassy or consulate in Australia. Definitely, this way is more complicated than the other ones.

In addition, there are 2 special cases that Vietnam visa will be exempted for Australian citizens:

  • You are just going to travel to Phu Quoc island and stay here for not more than 30 days. Vietnam visa will be required if you are planning to visit the other places in these 30 days. From the 31st days in Phu Quoc island, Vietnam visa will be also required. If you stay more than 30 days, you can consider to apply for online visa such as Visa On Arrival or E-visa.
  • Vietnam visa won’t be required for staying not more than 90 days if you have APEC business travel card.